Monday, September 24, 2007



Well, I am on TV every month when I join Fellow Toastmaster, Past District 31 Governor, Victor Carbone, (Uncle Vic), who is the Host and Producer of “Toastmaster the Television Show” at the Local Cable Station in Revere, Massachusetts. You too can be a Toastmaster guest with Victor Carbone - send him an email at

There are many benefits to “Toastmasters The Television Show”. Just to name a few; I am getting valuable experience in front of the Camera, learning how to deliver different manual speeches for credit, receiving verbal and written evaluations from Uncle Vic, incorporating the “word of the Day” into the show, improving my impromptu speaking skills with Table Topics, getting a free copy of the episode along with a certificate, enjoying some laughs in the studio with Uncle Vic, MA (Vic’s mother), other guests and of course the cameramen, Rick and Joe. What’s even better is I feel like a local celebrity when people in my surrounding North Shore communities mention they saw me on “That Toastmasters Television Show”! Imagine Me…On TV??
I enjoy Television! I took a Performance for Television Class with Instructor, Rex Trailer when I attended Emerson College. I learned ALL aspects of running a television show both in front of and behind the camera. I loved it. I also worked as an Intern at Entertainment Tonight as a Production Assistant in California when I attended Emerson’s Los Angeles Program for my last semester of school. It is amazing to see how many tapes from many episodes are located in the tape vault.

I am writing this because I am leading up to an e-mail invitation that I received this Friday September 21, 007 to be on the Montel Williams Television Show from the director of HAWC - Help For Abused Woman and their Children

Samantha from the Montel Show called HAWC which is a Battered Woman’s Shelter for women who are fleeing from domestic violence. (Yes, I lived there briefly in 1997). Turns out the Montel Show was interested in Survivors of Domestic Violence. I was ready to hop on the next flight to New York until I got a call from Samantha who said, “Things change rapidly and we need to put this topic on hold”.

The good news is I am ready when they are – so thanks Rex Trailer my Performance for Television Instructor from Emerson. Thanks Uncle Vic from, Toastmasters The Television Show!!Guest on The Montel Williams Show?...I thought to myselfImagine Me… On TV??


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