Friday, February 15, 2008

YAR 2008 Conference Workshop Presenters!

Greetings - We wanted to Share!! WE DID IT!!

One of my "best Aussie mates" Mary Cheyne and I have submitted our "Public Speaking & Communication Skills for Youths" proposal in December 2007 and WE DID IT (!)

We have been selected as YAR 2008 Conference Workshop Presenters!!

We got the exciting news -..."Congratulations! Your workshop proposal has been selected for the 2008 YAR Conference scheduled for June 11, 2008". "We are pleased with your interest in this one of its kind conference in Essex County and your willingness to pass on your knowledge and tools to your peers and colleagues".

Youth At Risk (YAR) is an initiative of the Essex County Community Foundation.

Friends thank you all for your support - we took the steps to make it happen!! WE DID IT!! (Of course we'll post how it went in June!)


Sherri Raftery, M.Ed.
Mary Cheyne, M.B.A.

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Lee Ann Price said...

Wow. Sherri, Congratulations. Such great things are happening for you, doors opening, I am just so happy for you. You're stepping out in the world in a big way and the world is responding positively!!!

You deserve all this for the hard work and dedication you've shown to your craft. You're an inspiration - keep it going - and enjoy it!!