Monday, March 24, 2008


By Sherri Raftery, DTM

Dr. Ralph Smedley, Founder of Toastmasters

District Opportunities Come Calling !!

In April 2006, I received a phone call from the District 31 2006-2007 District Governor, Debra Cartier, DTM who asked me if I would be “interested in “Tapping Into Toastmasters” (which was her District theme) and serve as the A-2 Area Governor overseeing five Toastmasters Clubs on the North Shore of Boston”. The clubs included my ”HOME CLUB” - Rumney Marsh Club # 8431, Leading Speakers (Advanced) Club # 7275, North Shore Toastmasters Club
# 3908, The Back Talk Club # 9906, and the Toastmasters Club of Beverly Club # 735541 – (which has redistricted to Area A-1 for the 2007-2008 year).

Deb explained I would be making “Area Visits” to these clubs twice a year, as well as organizing the A-2 Humorous and International Speech Contests. Another plug was that I would be able to complete two advanced manuals from all the speaking opportunities! OK – I enthusiastically agreed to be the A-2 Area Governor and suddenly the Toastmasters Leadership Track began to open up in a bigger way!

On June 30, 2006, I completed the Competent Toastmasters Manual (CTM), now referred to as the Competent Communicator (CC). By completing that book I was now eligible to join an advanced club - Leading Speakers Club – There was a time that I thought I would NEVER be ready for this club – it hosts two bonuses – two past District 31 Governors, Victor Carbone, DTM and Paul Fischer, DTM!!

I created a bi-monthly “A-2 Area Governor Newsletter” – connecting all five of my sibling clubs. I coordinated the A-2 Area Humorous Speech Contest and International Speech Contests events. I attended to my administrative duties and always kept each club informed of the district events, news and announcements. I was starting to get to know other members within the district – While still being a member of my Home Club - I was beginning to move beyond my club and further into District 31!

I co-coordinated with Institution Club Coordinator, George (Mr. Nice Guy) Manoogian, DTM with an eight week speech craft class at the MCI – Cedar Junction Prison in Walpole, MA.

I also Co-Coordinated with the Youth Leadership Coordinator, Victor (Uncle Vic) Carbone, DTM with two eight week Youth Leadership Courses at North Shore Community College in Lynn, MASS.
I assisted many DEMO TEAM meetings with the 2006-2007 Lt. Governor of Marketing, Bo Bennett, DTM as often as I could fit in my already packed schedule.

I was the 2006-2007 “Dues Are Due Coordinator” – reminding clubs to pay their dues on time. (HINT – I also used this as my first High Performance Leadership Project – HPL!)

I was also the Fall 2006 Conference “Speaker Introducer Coordinator” and I also met our Keynote Speaker, the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, Craig Valentine. (and as a gift I received a copy of Craig’s book The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking – (Thank you Deb Cartier) (and Craig for signing it when I attended your 2007 CHAMP CAMP in Phoenix… more on that later!).


Respectfully Submitted, by
Sherri Raftery, DTM



Latin for the Servant of servant



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Michael Cortes said...

I'm curious. You could complete two advance manuals while serving as Area Governor? How does that work? I would love to use that as incentive in my District.

Sherri Raftery, M.Ed. said...

Greetings Mike!

Great Question and Yes it is a Great Incentive!

I was an Area Governor for FIVE different Toastmaster Clubs on the North Shore of Boston, which meant that I made "Area Visits" to those five clubs two times a year. 10 visits means delivering 10 speeches! ("Every Speech a Manual Speech"!)

ALSO - here is another BONUS INCENTIVE!! as an Area Governor - You are now seen as a Dignitary and you you get invited to the diffent Club celebration dinners and asked to speak at them!

At one of the dinners I was the Roastmaster and we roasted Past District 31 Governor, Victor Carbone, DTM -(I will add Roast that link at some point on this BLOG!)

Thanks again for asking!!