Monday, July 7, 2008

Excellence in Marketing Award!

Excellence can be obtained if more than others think is wise;...risk more than others think is safe;...dream more than others think is practical;...expect more than others think is possible.” Anonymous

Ending the District 31 2007-2008 Toastmasters year with “Excellence in Marketing” award! It was an honor and privilege "TO LEAD and TO SERVE" District 31 as the 2007-2008 Lt. Governor of Marketing!

Friends I want to share that on Friday August 13, 2008 at the Toastmasters International Convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada inside the Calgary’s TELUS Convention Centre at approximately 1:30 PM during the “Hall of Fame” Ceremony I will receive the “Excellence in Marketing” award from the International President, Chris Ford, DTM!!

“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve
the quality of what you have to offer”
Perry Paxton

And of course I am excited and thrilled to have met the marketing goals for BOTH club building and membership (per caps) BUT I really accept this award on behalf of the MANY members in District 31 who helped and assisted me with meeting our marketing goals!!

Some of my "STAND OUT" Top Performers are -

My Co-Dues Are Dues Coordinators - Tien Truong and Gary Budiansky,
My seven (A-G) Division Demo Team Leaders from – Ray Gatti, Doug Sheadel, Tom Kirschner, Ben Lappen, Sheila Sullivan, Dale Averill, Ed Skurka.
My Club Coaches - (incoming LGM) Bil Lewis and Judy Artley,
My Membership Building Committee.

And especially the MANY Toastmaster members who invited friends and family members to Club meetings, took a roles at our Demo Meetings, helped with Chartering Paper work, submitted their membership dues “on time” to their club Treasurers, “Shared Their Toastmasters Stories”, Assisted at Toastmasters Booths in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island and helped get the WORD out about TOASTMASTERS!!

Some Nice Testimonials from Members in my District 31

“Sherri, thanks for your leadership, enthusiasm and helping to make this another great year for D31”. Dick Karon, DTM - Rhode Island

“THANK YOU for your willingness to make a difference”! George 'Mr. Nice Guy" Manoogian, Division F Governor

“Thank you Sherri - you did a great job”!! Ellen McCurdy

“Sherri - Great stuff! Keep serving...we need more models of excellence like you”.
Bash Turay, DTM, Past District 31 Governor, Past International Director

“Hi Sherri, Congratulations on achieving the Marketing Goal for this year. This is an awesome achievement and one in which you deserve a lot of credit. I know this was a lot of work on your part and I'm delighted with your success”. “Best wishes for more success as you embark on your journey as LGET”. Ray Gatti, Division B Demo Leader

“Sherri You have been a fantastic and dynamic Lt. Gov. Marketing for the past year! Can't remember ever seeing one so enthusiastic in all my Toastmastering Days, and that's A LOT OF DAYS IN FORTY YEARS” ! “ We will miss your leadership in Marketing but I know you will continue to help the District. Congratulations again” ! Eric Ericson, Past President, UCTC - Cape Cod, MASS

I would NOT have been able to achieve the distict goals without the help of MANY people. I think my friend John Lesko, DTM from District 27 summed it up best!!

“Congratulations, Sherri, “... But as you know, the numbers tell just a small part of the over-all story. ... There's a lot of selfless service and team effort behind any district's success. ... Thank you for sharing your TIPS, HINTS, and LESSONS LEARNED. ... But thank you most of all for your FRIENDSHIP”. See you in Calgary! John Lesko, DTM D27 2007-2008 Lt. Governor of Marketing – Excellence in Marketing, 2008-2009 Lt. Gov. Education & Training.

Are YOU a leader? Have You lead a team to success? Share with me some of the ways you say THANK YOU to those who have been instrumental in achieving a goal together!!




Excellence is the state or quality of excelling. It is superiority, or the state of being good to a high degree. Excellence is considered to be a value by many organizations, in particular by schools and other institutions of education, and a goal to be pursued. '

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