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"It is good to have an end to journey towards,
but it is the journey that matters in the end."
Ursula K. LeGuin

Wow this is a game that brings back memories when the Old(er) Volkswagen Rabbit (VWR) was around when I was in High School a few decades ago. In fact, my dream was to buy one, drive it from Boston across the United States to the Hollywood Hills – YEAH RIGHT !

Although I would NEVER want to own an old VWR today - I do confess I REALLY like the new VW Rabbit!! It looks modern, roomy and the windows offer a great view. But I am NOT complaining. I love my little 2004 Cobalt Blue, Aveo Chevrolet especially since I drove Blue Berry (that’s what we call her) right off the lot when they first started selling them – now they are everywhere. It too is modern looking, roomy with great window view. It has a five door hatch back, came with a built in MP3 Player and as the dealer said the price was (not cheap) but “affordable”. ANd as we say here in Boston that is “WICKED KWEL” !!

OK back to the story - I am driving down different roads and approaching the highway in my Aveo (Blue Berry) enwrapped in my own thoughts and then suddenly I hear the words: “PUNCH BUGGY… BLUE… NO PUNCH BACKS” while I feel a light tap on my arm. It is my daughter Sabrina reminding me that she is beside me. Opps time for me to abandon my thoughts and keep alert and get my head in the game.

I am eagerly trying to find new VWR so that I can tap her arm back and say “PUNCH BUGGY… NO PUNCH BACKS” but I am quickly reminded in Sabrina's authoritative voice “you better say the COLOR with no punch backs or it doesn’t count! (!!)

Do YOU have any "Punch Buggy No Punch Back" memories? Or car games that keep you connected during your journey together?

Part of advertising is to take the same (old) product and change it to make it look new, different, more appealing. I enjoy having an old game with old memories of MY childhood become a new game with new memories that include MY daughter Sabrina’s childhood.

Friends I have decided to make this topic a new Toastmasters speech. I began my research on the VWR "Bug" or "Beetle" to get started. Here are some interesting facts.

New Beetle History - “The Volkswagen Beetle was not Adolph Hitler's idea. But he was involved”…“Hitler became chancellor in 1933 and at 1934's Berlin Motor Show made a speech promoting development of just the sort of car Porsche wanted to build, and afterwards arranged a meeting with Porsche. From that meeting came the general outline for the Beetle and a commitment to build it. Prototypes quickly took shape and in 1938 the cornerstone was laid for a new factory to build the car in the new town of "KdF-Stadt" (called Wolfsburg now).
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Volkswagen AG , or VW AG, is an automobile manufacturer based in Wolfsburg, Germany. It forms the core of Volkswagen Group, which is the world's ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen
In German, its means "people's wagon",

Volkswagen Beetle The Volkswagen Type 1, more commonly known as the Beetle, is an economy car produced by the German automaker Volkswagen from 1938 until 2003. Although the names "Beetle" and "Bug" were quickly adopted by the public, it was not until August of 1967 that VW itself began using the name Beetle in marketing materials. It had previously been known only as either the "Type I" or as the 1200 (twelve-hundred), 1300 (thirteen-hundred) or 1500 (fifteen-hundred), which had been the names under which the vehicle was marketed in Europe prior to 1967; the numbers denoted the vehicle's engine size in cubic centimeters.

In 1998, many years after the original model had been dropped from the lineup in most of the world (it continued in Mexico and a handful of other countries until 2003) VW introduced the "New Beetle" (built on a Volkswagen Golf platform), bearing a cosmetic resemblance to the original.

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Punch buggy (also called punch bug or slug bug) is a car game generally played by young children in which participants hit each other upon sight of a Volkswagen Beetle.

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