Thursday, July 10, 2008

Unsung Neighbors

“A hero is simply someone who rises above his own
human weaknesses, for an hour, a day, a year,
to do something stirring”.

Betty Deramus

Today I signed an “Authorization to Publish” Unsung Neighbors that still gives me exclusive rights to my own story and photos but allows me to be a contributor of this book that is due out by November 2008 - just in time for the Holiday Season!

The book Unsung Neighbors is by Charlotte Endorf who has written four other books and published them by Outskirts Press Inc. Charlotte wanted to feature the many people she met along her travels that she considers to be “unsung neighbors”. I am thrilled to be a one of them during this project and she made it easy for me to write by sending me a “motivational questionnaire”.

I first heard of Charlotte when I was listening to the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren LaCroix’s Get Paid to Speak CD. When Darren said Charlotte wrote a book called Plains Bound Fragile Cargo about the Orphan Trains Movement my ears perked because The Home for Little Wanderers was also part of the Orphan Trains Movement. I knew I had to connect with Charlotte and Darren gave me her contact email. This is my second invite from Charlotte to assist on a project but not the last.

I visited Nebraska and spoke on the Orphan Trains during the 2008 Orphan Train Celebration it is Charlotte's turn to come to Boston, MA along with her family, two of the original Orphans from New York Lela and Lois and a camera crew to visit The Home for Little Wanderers. Fingers Crosses with the help of grant from “Pay It Forward” in the hopes that she will be able to How exciting is THAT!!?? Sabrina and I can;t wait.

Oh AND we must get them to a BEACH (probably Revere or "Rever;ha" if you're from around the way). Did you know there are NO BEACHES in Nebraska – I didn’t until they told me!!

“Life, misfortunes, isolation, abandonment, poverty,
are battlefields which have their heroes; obscure heroes,
sometimes, greater than the illustrious heroes”.

Victor Hugo (Les Miserables)

Do YOU know Unsung Neighbors?
Got any "Unsung Neighbor/Hero" Stories YOU want to Share?
Why NOT publish a book too and honor them?



1. Not honored or praised; uncelebrated: an unsung hero.
2. Not sung: unsung hymns.

The expression "pay it forward" is used to describe the concept of third party beneficiary in which a creditor who offers the debtor the option of "paying" the debt forward by lending it to a third person instead of paying it back to the original creditor.
Debt and payments can be monetary or by good deeds. In sociology, this concept is called "generalized reciprocity" or "generalized exchange". A related transaction, which starts with a gift instead of a loan, is alternative giving.

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