Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Happy Vehicle Anniversary" from Liberty Chevrolet

I drove my 2004 Aveo Chevolet (Blue Berry as we call her) right off the Liberty Chevrolet Car Dealer lot in Wakefield, MASS four years ago in September 2004.

I recieved this Happy Vehicle Anniversay email reminder this week.

Peek at this link to enjoy my "Happy Vehicle Anniversary" message.


Another big anniversary is my daughter Sabrina's 11th Birthday on November 14th!

Got any anniversaries coming up? Share some of yours.



www.brainyquote.com/words/an/anniversary130502.html - Similar pages

Definition of AnniversaryThe annual return of the day on which any notable event took place, or is wont to be celebrated; as, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. ...



One who, or that which, reminds; that which serves to awaken remembrance.




The income of a ruler or of a state; revennue; public money; sometimes, the income of an individual; often used in the plural for funds; available money; resources.

To conduct the finances of; to provide for, and manage, the capital for; to financier.

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