Friday, October 17, 2008


break a leg = ¡suerte!, ¡buena suerte!
Ex: The theatrical tradition of telling an actor about to go on stage to 'break a leg', may have its origin in a German phrase borrowed from Hebrew.

OUCH - look at my Toastmaster buddy Robert Stefanik who was the 2007-2008 District 31Public Relations Officer and is the 2008-2009 District 31 Speaker Bureau Coordinator. He actually broke both ankles but I will spare you the details.

Being involved in Theatre we always say "Break-A-Leg" - but I try not to use that term too much because I know first hand (or should I say foot) what breaking a leg "REALLY" feels like.

It was the summer I graduated high school and I was working the at a parks and recreations department - I was learning an outdoor activity on the bright green lawn and I tripped in a hole - off in an ambulance I rode and spent my entire summer in a blue cast while hobbling around with crutches...OUCH is right!

Robert, I feel for you - get back on your feet soon - I promise to visit you and I do plan on signing your CAST(S)!!!

¡¡¡No duden en corregirme!!! Strength of character helps us rise above all obstacles.


Definitions of break a leg on the Web:

(brayk uh leg) expression, vernacular. Used by performers to wish each other good luck. Though its origin is not exactly clear, one possible ...

There is a superstition which suggests that it is bad luck to wish an actor “good luck” prior to a performance so the term “break a leg ...

Traditional good luck greeting between cast and crew before a performance. Also Chookas, Fall Down Backward.

"Break a leg" is a well-known saying in theatre which means "good luck". It is typically said to actors before they go out onto stage to perform. a leg

Break a Leg is an independently-created internet sitcom. The show is filmed in the handheld, one-camera style, similar to shows like Arrested Development and The Office. a Leg (sitcom)

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