Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wise Words for Smart Teens

"You never know why you meet the people that you meet but there is a reason everyone crosses our path. Simply meeting someone new opens up the possibility to gain knowledge and perspective that you didn't have before because they are broadening your worldview" Carrie Perrien Smith

I attended the "Get Paid to Speak By Next Week" Champ Camp in Calgary August 9-11, 2008 and the Edge Summit on Tuesday the 12th. This was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the public speaking business and because I attended the Champ Camp in PHX '07 I was able to secure and excellent repeat rate. I learned even more from the Champs this year. It is also a wonderful way to meet and connect with others who are also interested in public speaking - and the business side.

See all the HAPPY WCPS and the CHAMP CHAMPERS above - Carrie took the photo - she is also a photographer - so much talent!! Carrie Perrien Smith's contact email is carrie@soarhigher.com

Another bonus was having Carrie Perrien Smith share her insights about her Pubishing/Public Speaking company - Soar Higher with Eagles - here is the link to Carrie's site - http://www.soarhigher.com/

Many of us also want to publish books and Carrie went through a mind mapping exercize and she asked for a volunteer - and I gave ideas about the book I am hoping to publish - The Little Wanderers Home.

As a thank you for participating Carrie gave me this book Wise Words for Smart Teens - she signed it - "You are going to make a great impact with your story" - "Can;t wait to see it"! Carrie -

As a single mom of a TWEEN I can certainly use all the help and advice I can get!

I wanted to share with YOU how you can find a copy - and a sneak preview of the first three chapters is below!!

Who has helped change YOUR life?



Wise Words for Smart Teens - The Teenager’s Guide to a Great Life
A Book for Teens That Adults Will Love - "Wise Words for Smart Teens is a collaborative project of More Success Experts".

"This book was written specifically for teens. However, others who watch breathlessly as the teens they love prepare to step across the threshold to adulthood will love this book".

"Teachers, parents, pastors, and other family members will find the stories, advice, and lessons that will take them back to the unforgettable experiences of teenage life".

"Use this book as a resource as you craft the conversations that you will have with your own children someday. Understand that the most important legacy you leave is the treasure trove of lessons you accumulate over the years. Wise Words for Smart Teens is a collaborative project by More Success Experts".

"Seventeen veteran teenagers were asked what they learned from those tough years right before they transitioned to adulthood. This book is the product of the wisdom gained from those years of experience".

Preview first - Three Chapters

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