Monday, December 8, 2008

A Thread of Hope

"May the angels always carry you on their wings. Always hang on to that Thread of Hope" Jacqui Delorenzo, MS, LMHC

"If our eyes could not see, how beautiful we would see the world through our hearts" Jacqui Delorenzo, MS, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I recently applied for another position at North Shore Community College as an Academic Advisor for the TRIO Program.

I mentioned this to another employee I work with at the Danvers Computer Lab named Sean Kenney. To my surprise he said he was a student in the TRIO program and that on of his academic advisors, Jacqui DeLorenzo wrote a book called A Thread of Hope and that it was across the hall in the library. I thanked him for sharing that with me and then ran across the hall, checked out the book and read it from front to back that weekend.

A Thread of Hope is an excellent read.

It was especially inspiring to me as someone who is also trying to write my memories and publish my own book - "The Little Wanderers Home".

I also love the cover - yes - of course because I LOVE LIGHTHOUSES, but more importantly for the symbolic positioning in having Jaqui standing next to one (on the north shore of boston) dressed in a long white coat - looking like a lighthouse herself. See the resemblence on the bookcover? OK - I am not sure if this was done deliberatly but in my artistic point of view -I think it really paints a picture of the message she has given in her book A Thread of Hope!

I recommend this A Thread of Hope to you - it is inspiring! Thanks for writing it Jacqui!!

"This beautifully written notfiction story is about a courageous woman's life. Through surprise and suspense, her journey will touch your heart with tears of pain and joy as you read through the disappointments and triumphs, from childhood to adulthood. There is something here for everyone as you'll quickly turn the pages and fall in love with Jacqui's inspiring spirit" Anne Tabet, Reiki master

From the Front and Back Cover:

While other kids enjoyed the social aspects of school in the early 1960's Jacqui DeLorenzo experienced the torment of bullying. From the moment she stepped onto the bus, walked through the schoolyard, and stepped into the classroom, lunchroom and even her own neighborhood, she was a target. Unfortunately, Jacqui's adulthood proved to be as challenging as her adolescense and childhood but her unwavering faith always sustained her.

A Thread of Hope cronicles Jacqui's journey through her parent's devastating breakup, the death of her thirteen-year-old brother, her own struggle to survive cancer, and her battle with an eating disorder. From the depths of depression, Jacqui has worked to completey accept the person she's become, always leaving room for growth. Jacqui's beliefe in th miracle of God's love guided her to improved self-worth and the realizatoin that she could accomplish anything.

Jacqui is an academic counselor at North Shore Community College in Massachusetts. She has workd for more than thrity years serving students with their acedemic and personal needs.
...a Thread of Hope, will touch your heart and give you hope for the future.

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