Monday, May 11, 2009

2009-2010 District 31Governor Elect!

It is OFFICICAL! I am the 2009-2010 District 31 Governor Elect - with ONE VOTE from the Sectretary - which means no one ran against me from the floor! I am VERY happy with my ONE VOTE!!

Photo: Past International Region Vii Director, Past District 31 Governor, Howard Riverson, DTM D31 Governor Elect, Sherri Raftery, DTM, current D31 Lt. Governor of Marketing and newly elected Lt. Governor of Education & Training, Bil Lewis, DTM (son of PDG, Bettye Underhille).

Giving my accepatance Speech - yah I did cry -- but who wouldn;t with a standing ovation that seems to last a VERY l o n g time - it was as if everyone wanted this MORE than I did - (Is that possible?)!!

Presenting my LGET Report

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