Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet My 2009-2009 LGM Ben Lappen!

PHOTO: Sherri & Ben!

Meet Ben (Bennett) Lappen!

He is the incoming 2009-2010 District 31 Lt. Governor of Marketing and I could not be more proud! Ben was not on the nomination report even though he met with the committee - he had to run from the floor. AND gave a speech with humor, pride, conviction and enthusism and those certainly helped him win.

What more could I ask for !? Ben is young, eager, energenic and ready to get started - like YESTERDAY!.

We started off as Area Governors together in 2006 - calling ourselves "Partners in Crime" cuz we volunteered to assist in the Prison Clubs. Then I moved up to LGM and he helped on my Marketing Committee as a Division E DEMO Team Leader and assisted me the Dues Are Dues, TLI's and other projects!

Ben is currently serving as the Division E Governor and his numbers are looking great so far he has two Presidents Distinguished Clubs, four Select Distinguished and two Distinguished - Go Ben! Check it out for your self!

Of course I would have welcomed either candidate on my team - especially since this was an elected officer - but it is a nice treat to be able to work with someone who is also a friend and well yeah a ...

Toastfully Yours!
Madam District 31 Governor Elect

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