Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moving UP Ceremony - St. Pius V.

Catholic values, fundamental skills, critical thinking, technology, and the fine arts ...promoting personal responsibility, appreciation for diversity, family involvement, a spirit of unity, and Christian stewardship

L-R S  Sherri Raftery - St. Pius V. parking lot

S & S Raftery - St. Pius V. - Fith grade

S - St. Pius V. School

It is time to MOVE UP - say good by to elementary school, 5th grade and the plaid jumper and say hello to middle school, sixth grade and the grey skirt. At 10:00 AM Friday June 19, 2009 in the St. Pius V. Church S will Move UP and all the students will be promoted. I know I will cry like I do every year.

I am amazed that six years have passed us by. We stand eye to eye now - even though we DON'T see eye to eye. I suppose that will take a few more years before we can do that!

I am proud of her! Good luck during the next three years of middle school - then it is off to high school - where ever that may be...

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