Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Region Vii Speech Contest!

It is with delight that I post the Region Vii Speech Contest Winner!

My best Mate Mary Cheyne - who is also a Champions Edge Member.

Mary will go on to "TAKE CENTER STAGE" at the 2009 Toastmasters International Convention in August at MGM - FOXWOODS in Conneticut!!

L-R Second Place Winner Chris Kasper from District 18, First Place Winner, Mary Cheyne from District 31 - both Chris and Mary are Edge Members! And Third Place Winner, Mark LaVergne From D 46
L_R - First Vice President, Gary Schmidt, DTM, Second Place Winner (Fellow Edge Member), Chris Casper from District 18, First Place Winner (Fellow Edge Member), Mary Cheyne from District 31, Third Place Winner Mark LaVergne from District 46

L-R Rob Cheyne (Mary;s Husband), First Place Winner, Mary Cheyne, Past International President, Dr. Dilip Abasekara, Incoming District 31 Governor, Sherri Raftery, DTM

L-R First VP Gary Schmidt, DTM, First Place Winner, Mary Cheyne, Past International President. Dr. Dilip Abasekara, D31 Incoming District Governor, Sherri Raftery, DTM

Good Luck to ALL of you who compete on Saturday August 15, 2009!
Register today!

World Champion of Public Speaking Contest -

The International Convention is an annual event that is held in a different city every year, where the World Champion of Public Speaking is held and Toastmasters from around the world gather to conduct yearly Toastmasters business and improve their speaking and leadership skills.

It's the World Series of public speaking, the Olympics of oratory, the finalbout for the heavyweight title of "World Champion of Public Speaking.

"It's the Toastmasters International Speech Contest!

Each year, this speech contest culminates at Toastmasters International's four-day International Convention, held in August. A panel of 20 Toastmastersjudges evaluate 10 contestants from different parts of the world, all of whomhad advanced to the finals following a year-long process of elimination,using club, area, district and regional speech competitions. Criteria usedin judging included speech content, organization, voice quality and gestures.

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