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2009 Accredited Speaker Program

2009 Toastmasters Accredited Speaker Program:

L-R: Michelle Alba Lim., Mary Ellen Psaltis. Sheryl Roush, Karen, D31 DG, Sherri Raftery

Photo taken by Sheryl;s friend

Only two people advanced to the 2009 Accredited Speaker Program during the International Convention at the MGM Grand - Foxwoods. It began at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday August 13th in a large room with many who watched the second-level presentations to see who would earn the title of 2009 Accredited Speaker at the Hall of Fame Ceremony.

I am only going to focus on the second speaker MaryEllen because I watched her transform in 365 days. I was very impressed with how much she has improved from her professional attire, to the moment she walked onto the stage. I was impressed with many aspects of her speech and thought for sure that she nailed it and would pass as an Accredited Speaker. But to my surprise, she did not which proves just how hard it is to master this elite program.

Right after the end of the event I went over to Mary Ellen to congratulate her on how well I thought she did and to share that I took notes and was so proud to see her back up there. I asked her how she improved so much and was she coached? She shared with me that last year when she did not pass, Sheryl asked her if she could coach her. WOW that is SISTERHOOD!
Sheryl also coached the first speaker Karen.

I am so inspired by Mary Ellen - as I was last year for her just getting into the game - that I too want to try the Accredited Speaker Program. I have asked Sheryl to coach me too. If nothing else I know I will become a better speaker and presenter - as I have seen Mary Ellen do.

I realize that this will be a journey and if I pass the first round then I will have a chance to Take Center Stage and I want to be ready. This is where all my toastmasters skills and evaluations will come in handy. The truth is I have nothing to lose (except the $100.00 application fee), but everything to gain by taking this chance. As nervous as I am - I know the challenge will be PRICELESS! And I will be a better speaker because I will be focused on giving the message.

Now if you;ll excuse me my coach, Sheryl gave me my first assignment - I have to go pick a topic...Fingers Crossed!

OH and I also asked Sheryl to be my District 31 Fall 2009 Conference Keynote - Saturday November 7, 2009! And she will present an Accredited Speaker Breakout! Win/Win!!


Accredited Speaker Tips - Enhance your chance to advance

A professional speaker relies chiefly on the spoken word to leave an enduring impression on the audience. He or she is an expert who speaks.

Toastmasters International’s Accredited Speaker Program acknowledges members who already possess and regularly demonstrate expert public speaking skills. Many Toastmasters give acceptable presentations inside and outside of their Toastmasters clubs. But Accredited Speaker applicants must meet a higher standard. They have mastered professional speaking techniques and are better able to attract and hold the attention of an audience as they deliver their powerful message.

Members with this ability are rare and few. Less than 20 percent of all applicants have qualified as Accredited Speakers since the program began in 1980.

Each year a review panel appraises every applicant’s presentation for speech development, audience response, speech value, voice, platform style, appropriateness in word choice and correctness of language use. The most common recommendations offered by members of the review panels to applicants who did not pass the first application level are provided here.

Read More here

Accredited Speaker Program Application - Deadline to WHQ by November 1st

Sheryl Roush

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