Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009 TM International Convention Photos from Friends!

D31 Lt. Governor of Marketing, D31 District Governor, Sherri Raftery, DTM, 2005 WCPS, Lance Miller - photo by Imelda Rocha

What an amazing 2009 Toastmasters International Convention !! I am posting some photos that friends have sent me along with some comments and the link to the Toastmasters International Photos from Jowdy - photographer Todd. I hope I am crediting everyone correctly.
Sherri: Meant to tell you when I spoke to you – the pictures from Jowdy are up and you are all over them!!

I saw pictures of you at the business meeting casting a vote, posing with Gary at the bus meeting, with the Top 3 winners of the International Speech contest, dancing at the dinner dance, you and John walking into the dinner dance, etc.!!!!

Take a look: http://store.jowdy.com/photocart/index.php?do=photocart&viewGallery=1100

Enjoy! David S. Freedman, DTM - "Move Forward"

2009 International Convention Speech Contests Chair District 53 Chief Judge 1993-1995; 1996-2002; 2007-2009Patroon Toastmasters #3863Albany, NY (USA)email:
Past International President, Ted Corcoran, DTM Alfred R. Herzing, DTM District 31 Governor, Sherri Raftery, DTM at the Leadership Luncheon - photo taken by Sheryl Roushe

District 31 Distinguished District Six years in a row with 2008-2009 International President, Jana Barnhill, DTM - photo taken by Imelda or Brian (gotta check that one!)

District 31 Governor, Sherri Raftery, District 3 Lt. Governor of Marketing, Rose Beeson and our Escort, Helmut C'Gary during the 2009 President's Dinner Reception - photo taken by Rose;s friend

District 74 Outgoing DG, Lois Strachan & District 31 2009-2010 Governor, Sherri Raftery at the District Governor's Reception - photo by current D74 DG, Craig Strachan, Lois's Husband

District 31 Governor, Past Region Vii International Director, District 36 2006-2007 Lt. Governor of Marketing, Imelda Rocha - photo by Imelda's friend

I posted this note on FB: Mels and I LOVE Region Vii PID, Val Albert, she is simply amazing and REALLY helped us through our LGM year - if not for her - Neither of us would have succeeded!

How kind of Val to repond: I LOVED working with both of you - I know though that you would both have succeeded no matter what because you are both strong leaders with a lot to offer our Organization. It was my privilege to say that I worked with both of you!

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