Thursday, September 10, 2009

"You LIE" said the Heckler

The Baltimore Sun - Light For All - Second Opinion

Obama's health care speech to Congress - Andy Green - quoted below
"It was shocking to hear the president -- any president -- heckled by a member of Congress during a joint session, and Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina later apologized for yelling "you lie" when Mr. Obama debunked the falsehood that the health reform plan would cover illegal immigrants. But that unplanned outburst is less telling than the planned vacation from reality taken during the GOP's response to the president's speech".

"YOU LIE", Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina

The Baltimore Sun - Light For All - Second Opinion
Obama's health care speech to Congress - Andy Green

Thursday, 10 September 2009 15:37 UK
Lawmaker sorry for heckling Obama - Mr Wilson said his emotion got the better of him during the speech

Well, there you have it - a HECKLER ! Not sooo surprising because Hecklers are EVERYWHERE!

HECK...I HAVE been HECKLED when I did stand up comedy in Boston and Los Angeles.

In fact recently I have been heckled at a Toastmasters Event - but NOT everyone would know that because this heckler was making faces of disapproval and mouthing comments to me while I was presenting - but I had to use my professional skills and pretend I didn;t notice so that the event could continue to run smoothly and it DID run smoothly. I did not let this heckler get the best of me or the day. At end of the event this heckler even decided to tell me that I should have done things "differently" but I stuck to my THEME of Take Center Stage and my vision of how I want things done this year.

I have also Heckled other performers and today I can honestly say - SHAME ON ME - for not knowing any better. But after I took a Stand Up Comedy Class at the Boston Center for Adult Education - I learned NOT to do that to other performers who are trying!
Joining Toastmasters has also helped me to respect other people who are speaking at the lectern. And proper business and meeting procedures.

Although we are trained to offer feedback - not everyone wants feedback so I am caution and give if asked.

This is a lesson to learn for Senator Joe Wilson but more importantly for all of us. It dosen;t matter if you are the President of the United States or a person who is beginning to perform Stand Up Comedy.


someone who tries to embarrass you with gibes and questions and objections

A heckler is a person who shouts a disparaging comment at a performance or event, or interrupting set-piece speeches, for example at a political
The Heckler is a fictional character, a superhero satire published by DC Comics'. He first appeared in The Heckler #1 (cover-dated September 1992

The Heckler is a satirical sports newspaper created in 2003 by Brad Zibung (born 1976) and George Ellis (b. 1977). It is based in Chicago and chronicles the pratfalls of the fabled Chicago Cubs baseball club as well as other major Chicago sports teams and athletes.

Heckler is a 2007 documentary film, in which Jamie Kennedy, through interviews and archival footage, examines the means, methods, and motives of
Agent noun of heckle; one who heckles; somebody who insults, makes fun of, or teases

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