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Once Upon A Potty for Her!
"Making the transition from diapers to potty can be one of the most stressful experiences for both young children and their parents. This program attempts to take some of the mystery and stress out of the equation by offering techniques tailored to the special needs of little girls. Parents witness the travails of other parents and receive advice from pediatricians about approaching this topic with their toddlers". ~ Rob Ferrier, All Movie Guide

ONCE UPON A POTTY! For Her and For Him by Alona Frankel

When it's time to shed the diaper, helpful advice to jump start the process is most welcome. Once Upon a Potty DVD is a fully animated version of Alona Frankel's best selling toilet training books. Little ones will enjoy watching Joshua and Prudence graduate from diapers to potty, and will want to emulate these cheery cartoon kids and sing The Potty Song along with them. Approximate run time is 30 minutes. Includes a doctor's commentary section for adults with answers to frequently asked questions and lyric sheet

I took S to our old local library (meaning where we use to live) to do her sixth-grade homework and as we sat in the children;s section I decided to get up to look around at some of the children's books we use to take out and two in particular gave me a chuckle. I brought them to the table and Sabrina said; "Really MOM"! She just didn;t get it as she is TOO old to appreciate it but TOO young to appreciate it at the same time!

Admittedly a flood of memories came back when I stumbled on these Once Upon A Potty for Her & for Him and the videos (VHS back in 2001!)

Yes, these books and videos helped me during the transition stage of potty training and now new struggles emerge for my soon to be twelve-year-old daughter (on Saturday November 14, 2009) and I am wondering what book of DVD I can take out to help me now.

These were helpful tools I used and finally we did have success (!) ....but WOW it took her until she was four-years-old to finally get potty trained (UM not so much potty she had that down but to do her other business on the grown up toilet that was a (POWER) struggle!). I am not exactly sure why she was scared or why she would rather use her pull ups. I finally STOPPED buying pull ups to save money, or why she wanted to control when she finally DID use the toilet but I am happy we transition from that stage.

New struggles are emerging as we hit the tween years and I hear comments like; "I Hate You", "I Wish You Were Dead". "DIE", "I Don't Want to Live with YOU", and a few others that I may share at some point. And Yes I know those too will pass...

Looking back I know that my struggles with her at not nearly as difficult as the ones that are soon to arrive or the ones that are already taking place. Why is it that I must learn to bite ...MY
tongue when that is what I want her to do??? ....grrr...

Eh Growing pains IS right - not sure who these pains are tougher on ME or HER? Guess it depends on who you ask and who you empathize with...probably BOTH OF US!

How about YOU - share what struggles YOU are facing with your Tween.

What tools and techniquest YOU use to get through your stages?

AND give me some wisdom and a song that this too shall pass like our Potty Training Days!


Alona Frankel

Alona Frankel (Hebrew: אלונה פרנקל‎, June 27, 1937) is an Polish-born Israeli children books author and illustrator. She was born in Poland and hid throughout the Holocaust, in 1949 she moved to Israel.

Frankel started writing when her son Michael was a baby, creating a book for him called Once Upon A Potty. It was first published in 1975 and became an instant best seller. Frankel gained international popularity and recognition when Once Upon a Potty appeared in English in 1980 for girls - Prudence - and boys - Joshua.

These #1 all-time classic books and videos have sold over 5,000,000 copies in the United States alone. They were listed as No. 1 (His) and No. 3 (Hers) in Publisher Weekly's all-time best-selling Hardcover Childcare charts.

Thanks to their timeless words and beloved images, Once Upon a Potty -- Boy and Once Upon a Potty -- Girl are being discovered and used by a new generation of parents. These two books, with their phenomenal staying power, target and meet the needs of an obviously perpetual market.

Alona Frankel has written and illustrated many other Joshua and Prudence titles for children and their caregivers worldwide.

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