Thursday, November 19, 2009

2008 WCPS, LaShundle Rundles Celebrates her 40th Bday!

I was blessed yesterday to celebrate my 40th birthday.
Most women dread the big 4-0 but I was so grateful".
2008 WCPS, LaShunda Rundles - Celebrates her 40th Birthday!

Wednesday November 18, 2009 !

Sisters Sonyan and LaShunda Rundles celebrate LaShunda's 40th Birthday Party -

Wednesday November 18, 2009

Just received an email last night asking me how LaShunda is doing and I am happy to report that she just celebrated her 40th Birthday yesterday Wednesday November 18, 2009! I too was celebrating as the Keynote during of Researchers Club # 22o1 53d Luncheon at the Hascomb Airforce Base in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Looks like we have many celebrations this month of November! My daughter Sabrina turned 12, LaShunda turned 40 and the Researchers Club celebrated 53 years!

Email From Toastmaster Wendy:
Hi Sherri, I found your blog and was wondering if you have any more information about Lashaunda coming home. It looked from the last post that she might have been headed home in April of this year, but I wasn't sure if there was another update to share. As a fellow Toastmaster, I'm curious about her. Wendy

Wendy M. Schram District 62 Fall Conference Chair E. Division Governor Past
Lets get talking!


Email for District 31 Governor Sherri (ME)

Greetings Wendy!

That is a GREAT question and I am copying LaShunda on this email as I am sure she would
be glad to note that you are asking about her!

The last time I checked it sounded like things were going well from the posts on Facebook!

Send me an update so I can post on my BLOG sist'ha!

Happy B-day LaShunda!! Keep Taking Center Stage!



Email for 2008 WCPS, LaShunda Rundles


You are right. It is great to be thought of. I was wondering if I was yesterday's news since we have a new world champ. Nice to still be a "topic". As an update, things are getting better day by day. I was blessed yesterday to celebrate my 40th birthday. Most women dread the big 4-0 but I was so grateful.

I also saw my doctor yesterday who said, "looking good." I still need to have a surgery which will probably be in January to correct a hernia created by the other 12 surgeries and I should be able to sit back and finish recovering. But I have gained 7 pounds, I am still eating on my own, no feeding tube, and I have done away with the wheelchair and the cane. I can't walk very long but I do it all by myself just like a big girl.

I made a visit to my District 50 conference last weekend and just fed off that energy. I will be speaking in the spring at both D50 and D25 here in Texas so let me know when 31 is in need of my services. I am ready to serve and give back to all those folks who sent me that positive energy. I am so sure that the collective karma given out by Toastmasters all over the world, literally...the what sustained my life.

I still have miles to go in my recovery. I am still a size 0. The bright side is that I was one step away from being able to wear Garanimals!!!! But the more I keep embracing life, the more I think I will get back on track. Keep me in your thoughts and I will always be thinking of you. Here are a few pics from yesterday on my Bday. Of course my sis was with me.

Be blessed Ladies!