Monday, January 4, 2010

100% Attendance

A school resolution S made entering the sixth grade was 100% attendance. I have been driving her to school each day since Grade K and I have to admit she did not have the best attendance record.

Perfect attendance or 100 % attendance means you can not be: absent, late, dismissed early or leave school for a an appointment even if you are brought back that same day - no matter how long or how short - the same day.

Of course dental and doctor appointments can get tricky - especially now with ORTHO beginning this January 2010 - because those appoinments are mornings only - but I even managed to change her that appointment to a holiday to accomodate this.

We have been doing well with 100 % attendace... so far and am thrilled that the 2009 school year is over. We have six more months but morning tatrums and the New England Wheather can create challenges. Fingers crossed that we make sixth grade 100% Attendance!

My Sixth Grader - S! First day of School Sept 2009
No more plaid jumper - here is the grey skirt, white shirt and blue vest.
Vice Principal Mrs. Spencer in the background
Photo taken by Denise Marquis Quintiliani
S & Sherri Raftery - First day of School photo - Sept 2009.
photo by Denise Marquis Quintiliani
Dictionary: at·ten·dance
The act of attending.
The persons or number of persons that are present.
The frequency with which a person is present.


Craig Strachan said...

Lovely picture. I have to ask about the uniform. My (uneducated) view was that most schools wore regular clothes.

Sherri Raftery, M. Ed. said...

Greetings Craig!

Sabrina attends a private Catholic School - which requires a uniform. AMEN!

Hugs to you & Lois!
Sherri & Sabrina