Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 2010 Toastmasters Testimonials!

"Did you think up the Take Center Stage?
What a perfect "slogan" for Toastmasters!!! Very creative - and perfect"!
Isabell VanMerlin, Rumney Marsh Club 8431

Photo L-R Taken by Don Saracen

Ronald Couming, Assistant to the District Governor, Sherri Raftery, DTM, 2009-10 District 31 Governor, Taking Center Stage as we promoted the District 31 Prison Clubs during the Spring 2010 Conference on Saturday May 15, 2010 at the Hilton Hotel in Dedham, MA


Sher, "I think you know this, but you have done a very unbelievable job as DG. I'm very impressed with your leadership and extremely hard work for D31. You should be very proud of yourself". Dan Barrett, 2009-10 District Public Relations Officer

"Saturday (May 15, 2010) was truly a great day and you were amazing... true leader in every way! I will REALLY miss working with you next year"! Mindy Milman District 31, Area F4 Governor

"What an awesome conference, though! Thanks so much for putting it together-it was a pleasure to attend and I'm so grateful for all your hard work"! Best, Area D Governor, PDG, Ruth Levitsky

"Sher,You have had a great run with TM and could see you going national. Of course along with joining us at NSA"! Best Don Saracen, Toastmaster, NSA Board

"Fantastic conference, Sherri. you're in the home stretch now. a great year as president- you will be hard to follow and beat" :-). Susan Tordella-Williams, Renassaince Club President, D31 Spring Conference Contest Master

"I can feel the pathos and ethos ooze through your posts. It is a joy to see - good luck in the next stage of your Toastmasters journey." Phil Holberton

"Sherri, you do not merely "Take Center Stahe"; You ARE CENTER STAGE.." Christian Margrave, D36 Division Governor

"Hi Sherri, I wanted to send a quick note saying how great it was to meet you after so many emails back and forth over the past couple of years. I enjoyed the conference and look forward to sharing the experience with my club in Hanover tomorrow. Thank you again for the invitation to present and I hope to have the opportunity again in the future. Excellent conference and contest". Stacey Shipman, Honver Club. Feel Good Living

"Sherri, You did an absolutely phenomenal job, did awesome...awesome...unbelievably awesome"! Area B Governor Yvette Moquin

"You've also been great with the members. No matter what question you were asked or how busy you've been, you sent back an e-mail that addressed the concern of the member. This is the type of caring and concern that I would expect from a District Governor. You're gonna rock on Saturday. Proud that we'll be serving together. Partners in crime again"!-- Ben Lappen, Lt. Governor of Marketing, Lt Governor of Ed & Training Elect

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