Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oral Communications Class - Malden High School


This morning I presented at Malden High School for Mrs. Razzino's Oral Communications Class. I appreciate that Mrs. Razzino invites me back as a guest speaker and today I was pleasantly surprised when I presented with a gift of homemade
notecards from the Malden High School Art Students.

It was a large class today and they were very attenative and did a great job. It is important to get their ideas on how the class went -so here they are some of the comments and testimonials from the Malden High School students in the Oral Communications Class:

"I believe Sherri reaches out well to her audience". Portia

"I feel more confident after today, ice breakers helped me relax, becoming an expert on your topice helps you delet filler words and a well structured outline helps me get over taking center stage. Sherri did an excellent job! She really helped me on becoming a better speaker because of her tips also how she presented and connected with my classmates and I". Jeau

"I learned about postitve and negative feedback". Shakira

"I like how Sherri related to us". Kaoutar

"Sherri was very sweet and nice". Tamarre

"Very Supportive and generous" Tai

"I learned we should walk around"..."Sherri was a good speaker". Janice

"I felt that Sherri did a really good job she was supportive of each speaker". Kevin

"I feel like I learned a few new tips and tricks about presenting that I will try" Student, Malden High

"Sherri was very nice and open and not mean and funny saying "Hollar". Talela

"Sherri is lively and nice". Branslie

"Sherri is a very good speaker". Vernon

"I feel more confident because everyone got in front of the class and the atmosphere was great". Jean


I really enjoyed presenting to the students and my hope is to be able to teach Oral Communications courses at the college level. I am taking all the steps I can to move myself in that direction.

How about YOU - what steps are YOU taking to reach the goals and dreams you set for yourself? I encourage you to keep taking those steps and move forward.

ALSO - if you want to improve your public speaking skills join Toastmasters. http://www.toastmasters.org/

AND - If you would like me to help you improve your speaking/presentation skills - just contact me at: courtjestour@aol.com

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