Thursday, October 6, 2011

The HOME in ONE! Standing Ovation

Ginny & Sherri

On Monday September 19, 2011 I was the "Guest Speaker" for THE HOME for Little Wanderers Women & One Golf Tournament. It was a nice event and although I didn;t play golf I spent a few hours riding around on a golf cart watching the Women who were in the tournament play. I was able to speak to some of them. I asked "Whose Winning"? Their reply "We are a team". I certainly used THAT in my speech. Some of asked me what I would be speaking about and during my speech I answered I will be speaking about YOU. I started my speech off with this quote about the simple rules of golf.

"Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair".

I said to these amazing women that "I suspect that is how most of you live your lived both on and off the course". I went on to share that both my brother and I lived at THE HOME and how I was appreciative for the direction my life took because of The Home. I ended thanking The Home and the Donors for their amazing committment...because without Little Wanderers would have no where to go".

I recieved a standing ovation and it lasted for a bit. Sharing my story as a live testimonial is my way of giving back and letting them know how important it is to have this organization helping children and families in Massachusetts.

BTW - Ginny is a member of the Walpole Chamber of Commers owns Watson Candies on 471 Main Street, Walpole, MASS (Most incredible coffee shakes), and has the boys from THE HOME work in her store to gain hands-on work experience.

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