Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Theatre Co. of Saugus OLIVER!

Sherri, Michael (up & coming SuperStar!), Amanda (TCS President), Kosi, Molly, Yesenia, Kathy

Oliver was an amazing production with the Theatre Co. of Saugus. I met and friended new peeps and also reconnected with former peeps. I was happy that Sabrina worked back stage but hope that she tries to "Take Center Stage" for our next Holiday Show and 12 Months of Music Revue. Auditions were last nite and are next Tuesday.

See the little superstar in front with the black top hat and blue coat - Michael S? He played the Artful Dodger and is an amazing amazing singer and performer! He hit all his marks, new all his lines and sang all of his lyrics - incredibly impressive!

Last year my daughter went on a field trip with her school at the time (St. Pius V) to see Joseph and the Amazing Techincolor Dream Coat. She came home and expressed how well she thought the lead singer who played Joseph (Michael S.) did. If Sabs is impressed then I too am impressed. Well, at the Oliver auditions I finally met Michael and now I am REALLY impressed!

Let me just say this on the record now - Michael is a star and could very well become a professional star if he keeps going as he is! I told his parents that if I ever had a son - he is the son that I would be proud to have because in addition to performing he is also a three seasoned athelete (plays baseball and hockey on three hockey leagues !), does well academically (just earned a Math award) and to top all of this off is a very down to earn kid with a great personality, sense of humor and EVERYBODY loves him! APPLAUSE & BRAVO!

But let me also say that I am proud of my daughter and I support what she choses to do too!

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