Thursday, April 3, 2014

Morris Morris and Sherri Raftery

I enjoyed being a guest on Morris'  Veterans -- Revere TV Show - He called me a Veteran of the Community!  I was best friends with his son Barry Morris when we were children. We attending the Wolcott School on North Shore Road - Revere Massachusetts. I lived at 1636 North Shore Road. My back door faced Standish Road - Where the Morris' lived. Sadly Barry passed in 1997.  Rest in Peace my childhood BFF.  Our forth grade teacher Mrs. Francine Cook created a yearbook for us. It read Sherrri Raftery would be a television "commentator" and Barry would be the cameraman. Imagine!

Tomorrow Friday April 4, 2014 I will begin hosting my own Show on Revere TV called "Helping YOU Take Center Stage" - Public Speaking and Leadership Tips.   If YOU would like to be a guest on my show let me know!

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