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On November 14, 2007 my daughter Sabrina Denise turned ten-years-old!! We have celebrated a DECADE OF BIRTHDAYS!! I remember her first birthday…the day she was born. It was a full moon and I did not have a planned Cesarean (C- Section)
but at 8:00 PM and after eighteen (18) hours of labor and only seven (7) centimeters dilated Dr. Ship from Massachusetts General Hospital made a decision to perform the C-Section surgery.

In came anesthesiologist
Sunil (Sonny) Eappen (Matthew Eappen’s father) then I was wheeled into an operating room with many other doctors and nurses. My arms were stretched out and were also strapped down so I could not move them. I felt like Jesus on the cross! There was a tiny green curtain that covered the Cesarean procedure from my view. I was not supposed see anything or feel anything…but admittedly I did! OUCH!! Only one person was allowed to be in the room with me – my sister Mary wanted to come, but naturally I picked her soon-to-be Dad - Dennis.

Then after two more hours (which is now 20 hours labor) at 10:00 PM Sabrina Denise (DiCato) Raftery was born on November 14, 1997 – the same day as her uncle Jimmy DiCato (Dennis’ Brother). Dr. Ship held Sabrina up in the flesh (and blood) and announced to us - “YOU’VE GOT A GIRL”! The first thing Dennis said was “HONEY, SHE’S GOT DARK HAIR LIKE YOU” and looking back at us were these beautiful illuminating BLUE EYES - an absolute wonder. The nurse weighed her at nine pounds and 2 ounces (9lbs 2 oz !! I am REALLY glad I had a C-Section!) , measured her, and cleaned her while the doctor stitched me back up.

Sabrina was placed onto my chest and we were wheeled back into my…(now our) room. My father and sister were waiting to congratulate me and meet their granddaughter/niece. Suddenly I thought I was on the Simpson’s because Sabrina sounded like Maggi – making that sucking noise and like magic the nurse popped a pink pacifier into her mouth.

All I wanted was some water, maybe an ice chip, but I was not allowed to have anything. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to sleep like a baby and I guess that is what I did until the next morning. I was soooo exhausted (even though I know there are other women who have gone through longer delivers with more complications).

The next morning Dennis parents and his brother Jimmy came to visit with a giant, pink “IT’S A GIRL” balloon and large red stemmed roses for me and a light brown teddy bear for Sabrina (that she still has on her bed today).

The nurse kicked all our visitors out because it was time for MOM and Daughter to get their first lesson in breastfeeding and thankfully was a success mostly due to her being hungry for both food and love!

AND that was Sabrina’s first Birthday on November 14, 1997!

Then Wednesday November 14, 2007 Sabrina turned ten-years-old we have celebrated A DECADE OF BIRTHDAYS!!

Sherri Raftery, Proud MOM of Sabrina Denise (DiCato) Raftery !


Remember any of your firsts celebrations from a decade ago? Perhaps you can write about them and use them in some of your speeches - especially if they are timely and relavant to your topic.

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