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I took my daughter Sabrina to see the musical production of “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” at the North Shore Music Theatre (NSMT) in Beverly, Massachusetts on Saturday December 8, 2007. The tickets were a free gift mailed to me by the NSMT for being a Guest Critic and writing a review on opening night of Seven Brides Seven Brothers in May 2007. {This link will take you to my May 2007 review}

Our holiday tradition for the past several years has been to see THE SNOW QUEEN at Salem State College, Salem Massachusetts,
which is a family oriented show, great for young children and even older ones (like me) with some great musical numbers. BUT, this year the Director/Professor, David Allen George decided not put on the production (Barnacles!). Rumor has it that David would like to take it to Broadway – GOOD LUCK!!

Although Sabrina and I are sad to not carry on with our tradition of seeing the “SNOW QUEEN” we were very excited to kick off our 2007 Christmas Holiday Season by attending a different musical Christmas Tale with “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. We really appreciated the adaptations of this Musical Ghost Story by Artistic Directors/Producers John Kimball and Barry Ivan. The lead actor David Coffee has been playing Ebenezer Scrooge at NSMT for sixteen years! The entire production was magical!

After the show it got me thinking as the holidays are approach and the New Year will soon ring in – it is a time to for me to reflect back on what I have done in 2007, where am I now and where am I heading in 2008! I can say that as I am looking back I am proud of the many things I have done and the contributions I have made – so far. But as the New Year 2008 approaches I know that there are some things that I still need to improve, things I want to work on and things that I want to change!

Have you taken the time to look back on your year, what you have done, what you are doing now and where you are going in 2008?

I think Sabrina and I will add attending the NSMT’s musical production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL to our Holiday Tradition – just so that we will be reminded of Ebenezer Scrooge who is forced by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future to reflect back and make changes that are needed each year.

We are already looking forward to David Coffee performing next year – who knows – maybe even Sabrina will audition to play one of the children in it as well! "GOD BLESS US EVERYONE"!!


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