Friday, January 4, 2008

Co Co Key !!

CoCo Key!!

"Loran Eisley (Anthropologist), The Immense Journey, 1957

Water is MAGICAL and Sabrina and I love everything water! Yesterday we went to the new indoor water park at CoCo Key in Danvers MASS !!

"The name "Coco Key", along with the d├ęcor and atmosphere, reflects Key West's tropical appeal where the region is known for its constant sunshine, clear seas and welcoming tropical environment. Coco Key Water Resort captures the relaxation of the Keys and the enchantment of the islands".

What a fan’tabu’lous water park experience. I highly recommend CoCo Key for children and adults of any age. It is connected to the Sheraton Hotel Resort and offered a family friendly atmosphere!

OH and you must try the Lazy River and the PITCH BLACK Water Slide Tunnel – what an exhilarating RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIDE! You will scream, cry, laugh and wonder when you will see the light of day again on the trip down!

HINT - we went at 4:00 PM on a Thursday and avoided long waits and long lines! The best part…it was indoors and yesterday was sssooo bitter cold outside...but we were sssooo absorbed inside CoCo Key we totally forgot just how cold…until we left the building to get into our car! BBBRRRR!!


This certainly was a fun way for us to DIVE into our 2008 New Year!

I admit to being a BIG KID – but it is especially great to have a 10-year-old daughter to share adventures with! (WOW 10!!)

Do you still act like a big kid?

What are some of the adventures that you enjoy with your children or would like to enjoy with your children?

Make time to be with them before you know it…they will be celebrating another birthday!

BTW – Before I know it I will be celebrating another birthday too (January 9th)!

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