Friday, May 2, 2008

Subbing for Professor Troy

" Teacher : Student is a symbiotic relationship
in which the teacher must always be willing to
learn and the student must always be willing
to share." Copyright © 2003 Barbara E. Olsen (Pennsylvania)

I was asked to sub for Professor Troy on Thursday May 1, 2008 his aunt passed away in New Jersey. I gladly agreed to help. The first class was Youth Worker. Professor Troy and I are Toastmasters and members in an advanced club - Leading Speakers - Saugus, MA, suggested that I let the students know about my Orphan Train Trip and connection to The Home for Little Wanderers. I brought in pamphlets, books, newspaper clippings and other materials to share and plugged how children need Youth Workers like them that they can look up to and I even made this personal by saying that I remember many of the Youth Workers who helped me along in my life.

I gave about a 45-minute presentation explaining how the book Plains Bound Fragile Cargo connected Charlotte Endorf and me. I used many of the speaking techniques that I have learned from Toastmasters and from The Champions Edge. (use my affiliate link - ) I allowed them time to ask questions and I also asked each one of them to reflect back to me what they learned about my presentation. They were thrilled that I shared so much and were fascinated to learn about the Orphan Trains – which is a big part of American History – {and yet – even though many people are aware of the Orphan Train movement – many are not aware of this important part of history}.

The second class was the Human Services Field – I presented the Orphan Trains and The Home for Little Wanderers again with the books, papers and gave websites and my business cards. Of course I mentioned that I would be happy to speak to their groups – as some of them are in internships or working in the field already at various agencies.

The third class was another Human Services Field class – I knew they needed their time to work on their own group project which was an “Intervention” to be videoed – so I mentioned that IF we have time I would share about my "Orphan Train Trip" ECT. – But we needed to keep on point with their final presentation. We ran out of time for me to share - but they were thrilled to have me help them in their class and asked me to come back on Tuesday to watch their presentation (!) Now that is an offer I can not refuse!

Subbing for Professor Troy was a great experience and made me realize how much I miss teaching. For three years I taught reading at the Lakeside School which was a special education, behavior modification, special education, residential treatment home/school for males ages 7 – 17 who were “at risk” located in Peabody, MASS. I enjoyed working with college students and would like to teach public speaking courses. It was great to be able to utilize my public speaking skills, share my Orphan Train trip as well as my personal connection with the Home for Little Wanderers.


Did I mention that I that Sabrina & I are members of the Mystic Valley Railway Society, Inc. It is just $8.00 per year (I better get going and renew our membership so we can still recieve the Waybill newsletter, 2009 train calendar – (ooooh I meant to take some photos of our train trip to submit – the calendar is comprised of photos taken from members) and other membership priveledges

Oh and for you train LOVERS May 10, 2008 is the first National Train Day!!

Is there something that you would like to do or miss doing? What's stopping you from Taking The NEXT STEP? ....I think I know what I need to do... submit my resume to teach at the college level -



Substitution - Substitution (subbing)

Substitution is the replacement of one thing with another.
intransitive verb: to act as a substitute transitive verb1British : to read and edit as a copy editor : subedit2: subcontract 1


The word student is etymologically derived through Middle English from the Latin second-type conjugation verb "stŭdērĕ", meaning "to direct one's zeal at"; hence a student could be described as 'one who directs zeal at a subject'. In its widest use, "student" is used for anyone who is learning

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