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Home - Honoree - Acceptance Speech

On Wednesday evening May 28, 2008 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston Massachusetts in front of a room filled with nine hundred (900) people including Boston Mayor Thomas Manino and Professional Baseball Player Dennis Eckersly and his wife I was honored along with two other alumns by The Home for Little Wanderers

Liz Brunner, Co-anchor of NewsCenter 5 WCVB-TV5 of Boston was the "Mistress of Ceremonies"

I invited my two long time friends and mentors - Ellen Witt Clark and Tom Clark whom I met in 1989 when I was a student at Emerson College working for them as an intern at their Public Relations Firm T-Catalyst, Inc. in Boston.

I thought I would share my speech on my "Helping YOU Take Center Stage" BLOG


Voices and Visions May 28, 2008 – Home - Honoree
Acceptance Speech by Sherri Raftery, M.Ed.

Greetings it is an honor to be honored by The Home for Little Wanders - “Where Hope Lives”...

I would like to share two quotes with you.

"Just when the caterpillar thought life was all over, it turned into a butterfly".Anonymous Quote

"How does one become a butterfly?" "You must want to fly so much
that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar" Tricia Paulus

And I thought just getting a ticket to attend this “2008 Voices and Visions Gala” was an honor in itself when Scott Inman and Bob Sherburn called me on the speaker phone in January to invite me here and then delivered the second half of the great news which was - “The Home choose four Honorees this year and YOU are one of them”. I was almost speechless!

To be honored by The Home – – “Your Home”, “My Home”, “Our Home”…
“The Home for Little Wanderers - “Where Hope Lives” – is really an HONOR!!

I want to share with each of you that I have grown from a caterpillar although some may say more like a “centipede” into a butterfly… but not without your help,…. not without your hard work,…. not without your heart, …not without your gentle hands to guide me and to lead the way.

How do we get where we are going? By the commitment, encouragement and the support of the people around us. AND look around you today… look at the people sitting next to you.

YOU ARE ALL here for a common goal – a common cause because YOU know that there are people in your communities who need and want to grow from a caterpillar into a butterfly but also need your help getting there – they need a HERO !

In fact, we all need a Hero or two. Who is YOUR hero?

Any of them sitting in here to next to you? Perhaps your hero is a professional athlete? Or a historical figure? Or even a political figure like John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy? Or even Ted Kennedy - who has done soo much for sooo many years for the State of Massachusetts?

Or maybe your hero is a Movie Star or even a TV star like mine is.

I want to share one of my heroes with you today – she was a BIG Little Actress named Shirley Temple, who sang, danced, cried and laughed her way through every Orphanage, Girl’s Group Home and Foster Home she was placed in. …Shirley Always looked on the brighter side of Life … “WHERE HOPE LIVES” – growing from a Caterpillar into a Butterfly.

I want you all to know that although YOU are honoring me – it is really ME who should be HONORING all of YOU – because I am not suppose to be the person you see here – and if not for The Home - “WHERE HOPE LIVES” I would not be.

So I dedicate this to YOU…

Because All of you at THE HOME are my HEROS including CEO Joan Wallace Benjamin and the people who came through the home before my time, during my time, after my time, now …and at a future time.

My heroes are YOU the social workers, the therapists, human service workers, the staff from over the 20 programs like the male residential home - Longview Farm – where my brother once lived and the female adolescent group home - Orchard Home where I once lived.

YOU the People in The Home’s development office and the marketing department and everyone who helps as well as the people on the side lines, the front lines and behind the lines.

YOU - The many volunteers and the many people in the communities who give YOUR priceless time like Virginia Griffin, the 2007 Massachusetts “Volunteer of the Year” recipient. Now many of you who know Virginia already agree that she is very “sweet person” – and I am not just saying this because she is the owner of the “Watson Candy Store” (!) in Walpole.

I mention Virginia because she has volunteered with The Home’s - Longview Farm for over 10 years! AND started a Work Program along with the Walpole Chamber of Commerce that allows the boys from Longview to work at her candy shop as well as other businesses in her local community of Walpole. Thanks Virginia!!

My Heroes are “YOU …THE GENEROUS DONORS” – because without you…
"US Little Wanderers would have nowhere to go".

Thank you all for ALL THAT YOU DO – keep leading the charge for all our little Artist children who want to grow from the caterpillar to the Butterfly…..and become our future leaders and HEROS!!

And finally this is dedicated to my Other Little Hero – my Daughter Sabrina Denise – who gives a special meaning to the word MOM for me.

Thank You!

Saugus resident honored by Home for Little Wanderers  - by Saugus Advertiser -- Mike Gaffney

Voices & Visions Gala

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 6:00p
at Seaport Hotel: Seaport World Trade Center Boston, Boston, MA
Proceeds to benefit The Home for Little Wanderers.. This unique gala is the culmination of a year-long arts project throughout our many programs and features work by some of our youngest children.

In addition to the exhibit, highlights of this special evening include a cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner, program, and recognition of special honorees. read more
Price: $500 per person
Phone: (617) 927-0682

Web: Event Web Site

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