Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ID A HO!!!

Friends we are just packing up from our short trip to IDAHO!!

We spent Sunday thru today in IDAHO! One nite with Bil's brother Sandi, a nite out on the TWIN LAKE where Bil's grandfather built a cabin and they own lots of land. Sabrina enjoyed tubbing and we took a boat ride up the channel. We headed back to Bil's brother Sandi's and Sabrina rode Molly the horse last nite and today. I just took a quick ride and now we are all packed and heading to the Spokane Airport - to fly on the RED EYE - back to BOSTON!

It was a fun trip to Calgary Canada and Idaho. I am looking forward to getting back home and seeing our cat Shane.

I will post about the Toastmasters Convention.

I may be changing my BLOG over to Type Pad soon. UNTIL I get home


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