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Love your post!

Being a coach, teacher, manager, leader, even training a dog... all pretty much the same. Leading means setting boundaries and having the guts to declare things "unacceptable". I have always held believed that word to one of much power... "unacceptable", I will not accept that type of behavior. I will not accept it this time. I will not accept it because it is a special occasion. I will accept it because you are felling down or had a bad day. I will accept it three times before I set down my foot. UNACCEPTABLE.

It reminds me of my days as a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps. Coming to your superior beforehand was a request for help. It was recognizing that you were struggling to meet the standard or required action at the required time or deadline. Failing, afterwards was unacceptable. There were consequences. If you failed the requirements or made a mistake (a common excuse) you professionally accepted the consequences and tried to learn something that would keep you from making the same mistake again. You did not attempt to avoid the consequences or create an excuse. Because it was UNACCEPTABLE.

Unfortunately, holding that line, declaring something unacceptable and holding to it... well, that's hard! Particularly if you are trying to do it as a parent. The one condition that a parent must meet is that they are always on duty. There is no time off. Vigilance is mandatory. At least in the Marine Corps, I got 30 days off, without my troops.

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