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Calgary - Candidate's Corner - Meeting Tim Swearingen, Region III, ID

"The greatest reward you can have as a leader is the look of respect. The key to a successful leader is to earn that respect not because of rank but because you are a person of character" Richard Winters

I really love this quote and I really appreciate that it was hand written on a card sent to me by the newly elected Region III, International Director, Toastmaster, Tim Swearingen, DTM - who also served as the District 3 Governor in Phoenix Arizona.

I met Tim during the Calgary 2008 International Convention at his campaign table along with his campaign posse - Nancy Star-Cassidy, Ralph Wallace and Rose Beeson!! (Oh and what’s not to love about Rose, she is a doll and is also a fellow Emersonian)(See us in the photo together at the President;s Dance!)!!

Tim did an incredible job during the “Candidate’s Showcase”. I had a smile on my face from the time his name was announced, by Region Vii International Director, Val Albert, DTM and he walked into the room with his campaign manager, passed the many Region III and Region Vii District Officers, up the staircase and onto the Candidate's stage.

Tim was a “Candidate Champion”! He answered all the questions with confidence and conviction that were asked of each Candidate. He looked at us like he BELONGED on the BOARD and It was no surprise at the Business Meeting that he was elected to the BOARD! WELL DONE TIM!!

And now as the International Director, Tim is serving the following Districts in Region III; District 3 Arizona, District 16 Oklahoma, District 23 New Mexico; El Paso County, Texas, District 25 North Central Texas ,District 26 Colorado, Eastern Wyoming, Western Nebraska, District 44 Western Texas; Texas County, Oklahoma, District 50 Northeastern Texas; Shreveport, Louisiana, District 55 Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Southcentral Texas, District 56 Houston

Congrats Tim You Rocked It! OH and another reason Tim Rocks is HE LOVES and BLOGS about the Boston Red Sox!!

Now I give credit to ANYONE who steps up to leadership positions and runs to serve. But take it from me – be prepared to answer the questions!

I must admit not all of the candidates rocked it during the Calgary "Candidate’s Showcase" and at that level YOU MUST be prepared if you want to be taken seriously, especially after serving as a District Governor and hopefully (although not a requirement - as the top two Lt’s of Marketing and Education & Training).

When a candidate says – “skip the question”, “pass” “next question” it is tough to witness AND I speak from experience of a time when I wasn’t prepared a few years ago when I ran for the Saugus School Committee in my local town of Saugus. I was invited to attend the "Candidate’s Night" held at the Saugus Town Hall and taped live by the local cable station.

I did great with my opening and introducing myself – I certainly had great qualifications. BUT when the questions came my way I was not prepared to answer them. I didn’t know all the proper facts and admittedly I was not completely familiar with the Saugus public school issues because my daughter attends a private Catholic School in another town. Makes you wonder why I ran huh?

I learned a valuable lesson by taking a step towards leadership. I learned what I needed to improve on and turned those corrections into my strengths by joining Toastmasters.

Today if I run for anything again I will do my research, rehearse my speech and prepare myself before the big "Candidate's Day"! Hope you do too!

Have you ever run for any type of office?
Congrats if you have!
If you did - were you prepared?
Want to learn how to prepare to speak in front of others?

Take the first step by “stepping up to leadership roles” in your local community, at your place of employment, for your children’s school PTO, PTA, coach a sport, help at your place of worship, or any place where you can help lead and of course join a local Toastmasters Club.


Rose Beeson’s slide show link{f13b45a9-1e25-437c-be1e-54415ff520be}&image=579DE1E25CCE8B68!300&imagehi=579DE1E25CCE8B68!298&CID=6313450614979201896

Names in the photos are Rose Beeson and Sherri Raftery, Calgary 2008 President’s Dance

Rose Beeson and Tim Swearingen, Calgary 2008 President’s Dance

Nancy Starr-Cassidy, Sherri, Tim Swearingen, Ralph Wallace, at the Calgary 2008 Business Meeting when Tim was elected the Region III International Director!

Emerson College a great school for communications and the performing arts
Emerson’s Website



• campaigner: a politician who is running for public office
• someone who is considered for something (for an office or prize or honor etc.)
• A candidate is the prospective recipient of an
A candidate is the prospective recipient of an award or honor or a person seeking or being considered for some kind of position; for example:* to be elected to an office — in this case a candidate selection procedure occurs.* to receive membership in a group

A person who is running in an election or who is applying to a position for a job; A participant in an examination

A person nominated as a candidate at an election in accordance with the Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912, and includes a person applying for registration as, or registered as, a candidate in the Register of Candidates for the election.

• a person whose nomination as a candidate at a federal, provincial, territorial or municipal election has been confirmed.

• An applicant who has been selected for an interview by the search committee.



Toastmasters Ambassadors
Each member of Toastmasters International's Board of Directors has accepted the mission of the organization and makes certain that the mission is reflected in the decisions that they make.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Board of Directors functions in the following major areas:

• Setting strategic direction for the organization
• Fiduciary oversight
• Leadership...helping achieve the mission and goals of Toastmasters International
• Policy-making
• Hiring and relating to the Executive Director
• Budget and financial management
• Linkage to the members of the organization
• Recommending improvements in programs and activities



• A board of municipal officers charged with the administration of the affairs of public schools.

• a group of people, appointed by a town's selectmen, who would interview and hire teachers, visit schools to ensure proper discipline and ...

• A school committee is an elected or appointed body responsible for the administration, maintenance, care, staffing, and supplying of one or more ... committee

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