Friday, September 26, 2008

I’m Guilty!!

“Without obsession, life is nothing”. John Waters

I am guilty of two TV obsessions on Monday nights! Prison Break - with hottie Michael Scofield and Raising the Bar with hottie Jerry Kellerman.

And since I am not sure how to add videos yet (cuz I just learned how to download -- or is it upload -- pictures) I am posting these links for those of you who would like to peek at video clips of these dramas that I am hooked on! Prison Break is full of action and adventure - like a man;s soap opera and Raising the Bar has an interesting dynamic especially the taunting relationship with the Gerry and the Judge.

And can I say they are hot outloud - I mean they are a little young for me – but hey I can look right(and dream)? Let me know if you watch them too! Or what do you watch and WHY?

“PRISON BREAK, shot in Los Angeles, is an Adelstein-Parouse Production in association with 20th Century Fox Television. Paul T. Scheuring, Matt Olmstead, Kevin Hooks, Marty Adelstein, Dawn Parouse, Neal Moritz and Brett Ratner are executive producers. Zack Estrin and Nick Santora are co-executive producers”.

“The greatest escape on television continues as PRISON BREAK enters its nail-biting, action-packed fourth season”.

Wentworth Miller who plays Michael Scolfield discusses how he and his brother Lincoln were abandoned by their father – and Michael grows up in the foster care system – hmm I can certainly identify with that.

Raising the Bar
“RAISING THE BAR not only looks at courtroom battles but also the relationships among people on different sides. “The primary characters are a group of young public defenders and prosecutors who go up against each other during the day, but they’re friends and hang out with each other at night,” Bochco says. “They argue and negotiate with each other. They are dedicated players within what we feel is a broken criminal justice system.”

"Stephen Bochco points out that the series strives to provide a balanced view of the system and those who work within it. “RAISING THE BAR is not geared specifically toward the public defenders or the prosecutors,” he says. “We try to give equal time to both points of view, with an eye toward revealing the extent to which the system doesn’t work very well. It certainly doesn’t have all that much to do with justice. It has more to do with keeping the conveyor belt turning, the idea that if every case in the system goes to trial, the system grinds to a halt.”

Mark-Paul Gosselaar - - Jerry Kellerman - “In RAISING THE BAR, Gosselaar plays Jerry Kellerman, an idealistic public defender who will stop at nothing to help those who cannot help themselves. Reuben plays Rosalind Whitman, Jerry’s passionate and protective”. “ Anyone facing prosecution would be lucky to have Jerry Kellerman as a public defender. His passion and energy are matched by his unwavering devotion to securing justice for all. He will not hesitate to stand up to even the most ruthless judge if he thinks his client is not being treated fairly. He bristles when others manipulate the system at the expense of those he is trying to defend.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s professional career includes extensive work in films and television. He starred with Geena Davis in Commander in Chief, a series executive produced by Steven Bochco. Gosselaar also starred as Detective John Clark in Bochco’s critically acclaimed drama series NYPD Blue.

Gosselaar’s other credits include the television movies Atomic Twister, The Princess and the Marine, For the Love of Nancy, Saved By the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas, She Cried No, Dying to Belong and Born into Exile, as well as the popular teen sitcom Saved by the Bell. On the big screen, Gosselaar starred in Dead Man on Campus, as well as the independent films Beer Money and Sticks and Stones.

Gosselaar’s interests include hockey, motorcycle racing and motorcross racing. He is also an avid pilot.



Prison Break (2005 - present) is an American television series about a structural engineer who incarcerates himself into a prison in order to help his falsely accused brother escape his death sentence.


Raising the Bar, is an hour-long drama set to premiere on TNT network in 2008. the Bar (TV series)


Guilt is the fact, state, or verdict (by a court or other tribunal), of an offence, crime, violation, or wrong committed, especially against moral or law. ...

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