Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PTO Today – Public Speaking Article

“… sometimes what you’re think you’re saying may not be what other people are hearing, so it’s good to say it out loud in front of others” Sherri Raftery, member of the St. Pius V. School PTO Board, Lynn, Mass.

On Thrusday June 12, 2008 I woke up to this email.

Subject: article on public speaking

Hi Sherri,

I'm working on an article about public speaking for PTO Today magazine ( ), which is targeted to leaders of PTOs and PTAs. I found your blog in an online search, and because of your involvement in Toastmasters and a PTO, I'd like to talk with you for the article. The article will provide tips for parent group leaders that may be about to give their first public speech in many years. In particular, it will focus on preparing to give a speech and ways to calm nerves.

Would you be available to talk on the phone sometime in the next week or so? I'd be glad to schedule a time in the evening or weekend, if that's more convenient for you.


Emily Graham
Senior Editor
PTO Today

After my trip to Calgary and Washington I finally started going over my piled high mail – AND GUESS WHAT !! ?? It's here!! It's here!! In a large white envelope from PTO Today I received my copy of the PTO Today magazine!!

The PTO Today Website also has the article but there is limited access if you are not member.

I emailed Emily yesterday and asked if I could use a link of the article on my blog and YES - she sent me this link today!!

To read the article go to this link:

This is my first big (well big for me) magazine interview and it was unsolicited (I was googled by Emily!)- but now that I like how it feels to be "interviewed" and "quoted" - what's stopping me from contacting other magazines and sharing more about public speaking and other topics?? !! What's stopping YOU!?

Thanks Emily for the opportunity to be in the PTO Today magazine and share some of my public speaking tips with other Parents, Teachers, Students and others! And as Toastmasters Immediate Past International President, Chris Ford, DTM would say "YIIIIIPPPPYYYYYY"!!!



PTO Today magazine
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Today, PTO Today Inc. is the core property of School Family Media, a marketing and media services company focused exclusively on promoting and enabling practical and meaningful parent involvement at school. PTO Today is the only company dedicated exclusively to providing a full suite of products, programs and services to the entire K-8 school parent group market. Regardless of the acronym (PTO/PTA, etc.), PTO today is committed to helping parent group leaders service their schools more effectively and run their groups more efficiently.

PTO Today’s flagship publication, PTO Today magazine, is published six times per year. The website, “PTO Today Expo” series of in-person events and customized involvement programs such as School Family Nights and Back2School, further the company’s direct connection with parent group leaders. PTO Today, also publishes Jump In! magazine - a periodical for parents distributed by parent groups during the back-to-school season.

See this link for PTO Today Bios

Parent Teacher Association/Organization (PTO/PTA)

parent-teacher association
Noun - an organization consisting of the parents and teachers of school pupils formed to organize activities on behalf of the school
Parent-Teacher Association ˈpɛər əntˈti tʃər, ˈpær- - Show Spelled Pronunciation[pair-uh nt-tee-cher, par-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
an organization of teachers and the parents of their students, as within a public school, to promote mutual understanding and to increase the effectiveness of the educational program. Abbreviation: PTA, P.T.A.
an organization of local groups of teachers and the parents of their pupils that works for the improvement of the schools and the benefit of the pupils

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