Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Home - Big Stars for Little Wanderers II

2008 Holiday Events

November 25 - December 23, 2008

Help The Home for Little Wanderers provide gifts for the thousands of children and families in our care by participating in our "Big Wishes for Little Wanderers" gift drive.

November 25 - December 17, 2008

Our “Big Stars for Little Wanderers” online auction has been a great addition to The Home’s holiday fundraising activities, giving bidders a chance to have fun while raising money for The Home. In fact, over the past three years we have raised more than $100,000!

We’re reaching out to the local community to help us make our 4th annual auction the most exciting yet. Items that tend to generate the most interest include:
• Weekend getaways that include meals and lodging
• Gift cards to stores (often offered along with a “personal shopping experience”)

• Tickets to local sporting events or any “family” experiences
• Dinners, meetings or tours with celebrities or local personalities
If you can help, please contact Bob Sherburne at or 617-927-0665.


Anonymous said...


I can't believe that I just happened google The NE Home for Little Wanderers tonight just to see if it was still up and running and to my amazement there you were. Someone I knew from way back when. I was a staff member at Orchard toward the end of your stay there.

I'm so proud of what you have accomplished and so very happy for you. You look great and I can't believe that I recognized you right away. I've often wondered where people have ended up in their lives. I still have dreams about the lives that touched mine while I was there.

You claim that your time there had a lot to do with who you've become, I'd like you to know that I can say the same thing. I began working there straight out of college, not too much older than you at the time. I learned so much from all of you and from the other staff members. I became a better person because of my experience there.

After seeing you on The Home site I googled your name and found this blog. Thanks so much for sharing you life with us, and for continuing on and doing so much for others around you.

It's good to see you again,
Sue Fletcher

Sherri Raftery, M.Ed. said...

Greetings SUE!

Thank you for posting on my BLOG - I would love to have another ORCHARD REUNION - last one we had was back in 1985 or 86 - I think we are due for another!

Do you stay in touch with any of the other staff you worked with at OH?

I hope to connect with you. I really do appreciate ALL that you gave to me and us other LITTLE WANDERERS - we may not have appreciated it at the time - but we sure do now - especially now that I am a MOM of a TWEEN - soooo challenging - soooo rewarding - and I am thankful for the opportunity to be "PRESENT" for Sabrina - in so many ways that my biological parents - just weren;t able to be - I felt a loss growing up of that BOND of MOTHERHOOD - but today - I get get to have that BOND - and it is because of THE HOME - the staff - thanks for helping to shape my life!!!!

Sherri Raftery
Orchard Home 1978