Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Seek-A-Speaker" Launched!

"Seek-A-Speaker" is a tremendously fabulous tool in helping us reach our goals and challenge ourselves while providing a wonderful opportunity to network and meet other fellow Toastmasters"! "It was a remarkable experience for me". Margo McCole

As 2008-2009 Lt. Governor of Education and Training I launched the "Seek-A-Speaker" Program here in District 31 which covers the Eastern Massachusetts all the way up to the North Shore of Boston and down to the South Shore and across to Worcester and includes the entire State of Rhode Island. We have about 151 Clubs and 3,000 plus members. What is it? It gives speakers a chance to speak at other clubs and it gives clubs a chance to have others speakers speak at their meetings.

"I benefited so much from the feedback I received last night from the Leading Speakers Club (Advanced/ Saugus, MA)". Margo McCole

I have a "Seek-a-Speaker" Coordinator, Sheila Sullivan and she is very busy trying to match the requests. A few members and clubs have asked for D31's 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren LaCroix to give a coaching session. Although he can not honor all of our requests we are thrilled when he is visiting his family in Boston because we can try and coordinate with his calendar!!

My friend, fellow Toastmaster and Edge Member, Derek Perkins, along with Sheila Sullivan coordinated a "Live Coaching Session" at the Sudbury Library in Sudbury, MA on Monday Oct 20th! In attendance was one of our oldest...and I do mean "OLDEST" members in District 31. Our Past District Governor, Charlie Keane is 103 years old. That't right One Hundered and Three Years Old!

Thank you to Judy Artley and her son Chester for transporting Charlie to the event. AND for offering to take him to the District 31 Conference on Saturday November 8, 2008.


The Seek-A-Speaker Program is officially opened up to members outside of District 31 as well. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunit please contact Sheila Sullivan at district31seekaspeaker@yahoo.com


"Last week I attended AccelOrators Advanced TM Club in Concord, MA - I used the opportunity to present my Humorous speech and get feedback on it". "The round the room form of evaluation, combined with the written evaluation forms that some people completed, gave me valuable new insights and perspectives into the speech. Most valuable of all, though, was the resulting opportunity this gave me to further improve the speech". Derek Perkins

"I think this is a very useful initiative and encourages other members – whether they are in a contest or not – who are serious about improving, to try it out. It’s worth the effort". Derek Perkins

See Derek on the right side of the first photo with the blue shirt and back vest!

See Sheila with the red coat in the last photo next to Charlie Keane!

How are YOU enhancing your district opportunities for others to speak?

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