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Talking Toastmasters!! Podcast

"What does it take to plan a district conference? What are some of the things that go on at district conferences"?

"Be prepared to be educated and entertained".

Episode #44: Interview with Sherri Raftery on Planning a District Conference

I got a call from Bo Bennett creater of the Free Toast Host and the Igroops and Ryan Levesque, Igroops President asking if I would like to be interviewed on the "Talking Toastmasters" Podcast in about five minutes to discuss planning a District Conference (since I am the 2008-2009 Lt. Governor of Education and Training). WELL OF COURSE I WOULD!! Last time I was interviewed by the Talking Toastmasters Partners was August 2007 after we attended the Toastmasters International Convention in Phoenix.

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Read this exciting post from Ryan - when I called him from the 2007 International Convention Speech Contest - to share the moment that Vikas Jhingran had WON first place - that was simply amazing!

Here is Ryan's personal BLOG post on Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh, Yes We Did!

That is, yes we did interview the next World Champion of Public Speaking!

The word from the Toastmasters International convention in Phoenix is that Vikas Jhingran, whom we interviewed last week on Talking Toastmasters, won first place in the WCPS and is the new World Champion!

Here's how I found out, just a short while ago:

I had just left my house and was less than a mile away, when my cell phone rang. I answered, and a hushed voice said, "Ryan! This is Sherri...they're about to announce the winners and I need you to update the website!" It was Sherri Raftery, the District 31 Lt. Governor of Marketing. She was calling me, as I'm one of the people who helps maintain the District 31 web site, and being at the convention, she didn't have quick access to do it herself. I pulled the car around as fast as I could, and headed toward home.

Three hundred feet from my driveway, I heard: "And the third place winner is..." I couldn't make out the last name, but it wasn't Vikas-- that much I knew. As I walked in to the kitchen:

"And the second place winner is...Rory Vaden!"

Now this was a name I recognized! I had stumbled on Rory's websites a few weeks ago, and read about him last time as a finalist at the WCPS. I was definitely impressed with this guy! He has an amazing story, and a great message. And from watching his video clips, it was clear his is an excellent speaker. You can see his websites here for yourself: Discipline Dynamic and Success Starts Now Seminars. I'm glad he took the silver, well deserved, I'm sure.

I was then in front of the computer in my home office, logged on to our District Website, ready to type. "And the 2007 World Champion of Public Speaking is...."

And then all I heard was booming applause, cheering and screaming! The announcers voice did not come through! And then I heard Sherri's voice break through the din, "Put it up on the website, Ryan! Put it up...I have to go!" I figured that meant Vikas must have won...and I tried to ask, but she didn't hear me. Click. The phone went dead. Before posting on the website, and sending an email to the nearly 300 members on our list, I called Sherri back. (Can you imagine the scandal and embarrassment if I would cause for Vikas and myself if I posted that he had won, and he had not...only to then have to post an "I'm sorry, I misunderstood" message?) But yes, it was true, Vikas had won!

It's hard not to let my bias show at a time like this. This is proud day for District 31. Vikas joins fellow WCPS Darren LaCroix, as one of two WCs from our District (Eastern MA and RI). I am so happy for Vikas-- I cannot imagine how excited he must feel. Simply amazing!

(Special thanks to Sherri Raftery for an experience that was the next best thing to being there!)

You are welcome Ryan - I wish you could have been there - and when the 2009 Convention comes to FOXWOODS in Connecticut - I hope YOU and MANY members from our D31 district will be there to experience the International Speech Contest - as well as the Convention itself! We have already been asked to help with the volunteering -and even though my district is much smaller than a large CONVENTION - I know that VOLUNTEERS are always needed and very welcomed.!!

What exciting and memorable moments have YOU shared with others?

Are you flexible enough to be interviewed on a moments notice? Want to learn those skills? Join a Toastmasters Club in your area.

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