Thursday, November 13, 2008

2010 Palm Desert California - JW Marriott

New Toastmasters International Convention Site for 2010!

Nearly two years ago, in February 2007, Toastmasters International's Board of Directors selected Sydney, Australia, as the site of the 2010 International Convention. At that time, this was the right decision for the organization. However, the recent global financial crisis and economic downturn have caused the organization to re-evaluate that decision.

After extensive financial analysis, taking into consideration the negative impact those economic influences have on the meetings, convention and travel industries, Toastmasters International has determined that conducting an International Convention in Sydney, Australia, would not be financially responsible at this time. As a result, the venue of the 2010 International Convention has been changed to the Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Palm Desert, California - a property that has previously hosted two very successful Conventions in 1989 and 1998.

What does this mean for future Conventions held outside North America? World Headquarters staff will continue to assess that possibility and will provide the Board of Directors information allowing them to make a decision that is right for the organization and right for its members.

International President Jana Barnhill, in her Viewpoint article in this month's issue, says, "While we fully acknowledge that many of our members will be disappointed, we could not ignore our primary responsibility to be prudent with your funds." In addition she points out: "We appreciate all the efforts of Elizabeth Wilson, the Host District 70 Chair, and the work her team has already done to prepare for a Convention in Australia. I hope they, and all of our members, understand that this was not an easy decision."

"Toastmasters International's Board of Directors and World Headquarters staff care deeply about the needs of the organization's 235,000 members around the world and they take their responsibility toward them very seriously," says Toastmasters Executive Director Daniel Rex. "This was not an easy decision to make, but it is one that ultimately will benefit the interests of all members."

The Convention is an opportunity for men and women of all walks of life, career paths and educational interests to gather for an extraordinary experience. Meeting other Toastmasters from around the world, making new friends, reconnecting with existing friends and taking part in a superior educational program are hallmarks of a successful Convention.

With your understanding and support, we hope you will continue to make plans to join your fellow Toastmasters at the 79th Annual International Convention at Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Palm Desert, California - August 11-14, 2010.

Too read this go to this link on the Toastmasters International Website - Thursday November 13, 2008

Toastmaster friends I was on the 2010 Volunteer Committee for Elizabeth Wilson, DTM and this is part of the gracious note she sent to us.

"To those of you who took on the roles of Team Leaders, I appreciated your enthusiasm and dedication. It was great working with you even for a short time. Thanks you for your support".

"Naturally, like me, I am sure you will be disappointed and feel a little let-down. However, may I ask each and every one of you to channel the enthusiasm that you showed for the Convention into making your club, your District and yourself the best you possibly can".

"I am a great believer that sometimes adversity happens for the best and that as one door closes another one will open. May your Toastmasters doors open wide. Please enjoy our wonderful organisation and help it to build and grow".

Elizabeth Wilson, DTM, 2010 District 70 Host District Chairman


Has this ever happened to YOU - unexpected news of a change of venue? How did you handle it? How did YOU as a leader continue to motivate YOUR teams while supporting the decisions from the top?

Bravo Elizabeth YOU are showing great sportsmanship and leadership!

I am sure Elizabeth would love to recieve an email of support from you!

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