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"This is OUR fight together"

"People who do not understand lupus do not have an idea of what I deal with each day. There are thousands of people living in pain daily". " I want to raise money, awareness, and understanding. I don’t want people to live with the shame that I did for many years wanting to hide it. My skin is not flawless, my scars are many, but my resolve is unbreakable. I want to bring hope to the lives of those that know what it is really like to have a “good” day. As the awareness grows the quality of life for many people will mean many more “good” days and better yet restful nights. In a world of limited resources we have to fight for our piece of the pie". "I lost a friend of mine who was 28 and died blind and in a wheelchair with lupus. If I can help prevent things like that through my voice, it would be a blessing and an honor". 2008 WCPS LaShunda Rundles, Living with Lupus

I just spoke with Sonja and she informed me that LaShunda is doing well and is alert - she even said "Bring me my Mail"! She is very thankful to the many well wishes around the globe!

Sonja informed me that there will be "a surgery tomorrow which will be to connect the intestine tissues and possibly two more after that - they do not want to close her up until they are sure how things are".

Sonja shared that LaShunda told her doctor "I would not be here today if it wasn;t her (Sonja) she won;t let me give up - she is my best friend". Sonya confirms this and says "This is OUR (Sonya and LaShunda)fight together" - "That;s why I am here".


My Webmaster Frank Storey who is also the D31 and Region Vii Webmaster sent me news from Past International President, Pauline Shirley, DTM

Pauline Shirley wrote:

I visited her on Wednesday. She was awake. Her doctor wants her to
build up the nutrition so they can go in and piece back together the
three pieces of remaining intestine - each 6, 8 and 12 inches long.
She will remain on a nutrition solution - TMP - the rest of her life -
and not be able to ingest anything by mouth.

Then Wednesday night they had to take her in to emergency surgery for
hemorrhaging. Evidently that went well. So back to the previous plan.

She's a fighter.


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This is from my friend Dennis Folkas in New Jersey from District 53 - he is the Region Vii Videographer.

Hi Sherri,

Hope LaShunda is doing good,

Just a thought... we have a great organization here in NJ called
was started by Roxanne Black while going to Rutgers,
she had Lupus and she created a network where one can find a friend that
has the same condition and they can help each other,
Quite a story, If you have LaShundras email
I think her and Roxanne should know each other,
I am sure Roxanne would love to have her speak
at her organization if she is ever in the NYC area.
(she had some great speakers in the past!!!)

I know Roxanne for years, (her Mother was Albert Einstein nurse!!) she has done a lot of good with the Lupus organization,

BTW I did see LaShunda's speech WOW what a speech!!!!

Regards Dennis


FHC Founder & Executive Director
Roxanne Black-Weisheit

Speakers Bureau


Read more about 2008 WCPS LaShunda Rundles interview on the Six Minutes Publis Speaking Blog



Lupus Foundation of America

"Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys".



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