Saturday, November 8, 2008

District 31 Fall 2008 Conference

"Speak Up and Change the World"

Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center 181 Boston Post Road West Marlborough, MA 01752-1883

Toll Free (888) 543-9500 - (508) 460-0700 - Fax (508)

Photo 1:
Profesional Comic, Mary Ellen Rinaldi.

Photo # 2 & Photo # 3
District 31 First and Second Place winners, Mary Cheyne & Derek Perkins.

Photo # 4
2008 Third Place WCPS Dr. Katherine Morrison and Toastmaster, Julia Grant

Friends - so much to share about the District 31 Fall 2008 Toastmasters Conference.

But tonite I am so tired and we just had a Leadership Trio meeting for two and a half hours with the Toastmasters Vice President, Gary Schmidt.

Tonight what I can share is that these seven Division Humorous Contestestants listed in alphabetical order were VERY hilarious and they ALL deserve a round of applause!! Dan Barrett,Dion Chay, Mary Cheyne, Bill Corcoran, Jennifer McGhee, Derek Perkins, Paul Robinson.

Congratulations to
First Place Winner, Mary Cheyne (Champion's Edge Member)
Second Place Winner, Derek Perkins (Champion's Edge Member
Third Place Winner, Daniel Barrett

I invited Croix Sather (Fellow Champion's Edge Member to give a round table - but you can imagine my complete surprise when the District 53 Governor, Karin Von Kanel and the Lt. Governor of Education and Training, Marsha Kiley showed up - UNEXPECTEDLY! KEWL!!

Visit Croix'a Blog

Our conference went extremely well. Our 2008 Third Place, World Champion of Public Speaking, Dr. Katherine Morrison delivered her "Don't Believe Them Baby" speech during our HALL OF FAME Ceremony. (SHE ROCKED IT)! Kathy has sooo much confidence and it shows on stage. She thanked the many clubs and members who helped give her valuable feedback to get her on the International Stage.

After our conference we all had an ab work out when Toastmaster and Professional Comic Mary Ellen Rinaldi made us all LAUGH! Book Mary Ellen at your event!

And check out her blog!

BIG Thanks to my Conference Committee for helping to make the District 31 Conference a success. I am eagerly excited to plan the spring conference, which will be held here at the Best Western on May 9, 2009.

But before the the spring conference - I have a series of Toastmasters Leadership Trainings (TLI)to plan for the Club Officers.

I know I have said it before - if you want to improve your public speaking skills - STEP UP TO THE LEADERSHIP TRACK!

Good nite all - I am staying here at the best western for another nite and then will return home and get ready for an exciting week - all of which I will share - especially celebrating Sabrina;s 11th birthday!!

PS: I bought several GET WELL Cards for the 2008 WCPS LaShunda Rundles (first place winner) to have our members sign and I will be sending those along the post mail to her Sister Sonja's post office box on Monday.


Croix Sather said...

The D31 conference was fantastic. Thank you for the honor of presenting for your district. The round table format was fabulous and something for other districts to emulate.

Those who missed the event missed the special treats of the World champ speech from Dr. Katherine Morrison, amazing humorous contest speeches, and the comedy party in the evening.

Wonderful event everyone ... congrats!!

Croix Sather

Sherri Raftery, M.Ed. said...


The honor was ours in D31 having you attend and present.

I am hoping to attend D53's spring conference - hope to connect with you again then.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Sherri, I wanted to share this article from on Mary Cheyne:

Congrats again, Mary!