Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Fighting Champion - A Singing Champion!

“I did feel like I did the best…for me. I gave my all on the stage and left the stage feeling confident that I’d done my part.” 2008 WCPS, LuShunda Rundles, a motivational speaker and writer who lives in Dallas, Texas.

I spoke with Sonja today and she sounded MUCH better than yesterday about LaShunda’s condition – she had a renewed energy and was on her way “home” to take a shower after staying at the hospital all nite to be with her sister.

And for those of you who KNOW that LaShunda is a good storyteller - you may want to note that – her Sonja sister is also a good storyteller as well. I found myself just wanting to hear what she was going to say next because she adds the important details and her opinions of them.

Sonja shared a few stories with me and honestly, I can;t quite tell them like she did so I can give you the topics.

ONE: Now that LaShunda is alert and aware she gave a pumped fist to Sonja’s co-worker and while mouthing the word “Obama“! Oooh yea two victories for African-Americans this year.

TWO: LaShunda asked Sonja to sleep next to her in the hospital bed (she likes being held by her older sister) and giggled at the thought of these two grown woman in the bed together.

THREE: Sonja explained that she thought Toastmasters was a "CULT" and now she feels its the "BEST CULT in the World". She could not believe how quickly the Toastmasters World has responded to the news about LaShunda's hopsitalization. There were many Toastmasters visiting the hospital in Texas and calls from different states the support is overwhelming and she hopes if she ever gets sick that Toastmasters will remember her too.

Have you heard LaShunda sing? – check out her MYSPACE PAGE and listen to her songs - As For Me In My House, Good to Know

She is not only a Fighting Champion she is a Singing Champion!

Keep praying! Keep spreading the Word!

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