Monday, November 24, 2008

Jim records conversation with LaShunda!

"Thank you for all of your prayers",
2008 WCPS, LaShunda Rundles

"Make it an AWESOME today, for a BETTER tomorrow"!!!
2003 WCPS, Jim Key, DTM

I recieved this email on Monday from the 2003 WCPS, Jim Key who recorded a conversation he had with LaShunda at her hospital bed.

"I visited with LaShunda on Friday. She looks SO much better than when I previously saw her. That's certainly not to say that she is in the clear; far from it. Still, it is encouraging to see an improvement in her condition".

"Though there's not too much new information on it, I thought you might be interested in hearing her voice. I took an audio recorder with me and, with her blessing, recorded about 5 minutes of our conversation. I was with her for about 45 minutes total. I posted (about 6 minutes of Utube) on my blog at":

"Please feel free to pass the link to anyone else who may be thinking about and praying for her". Jim Key, DTM, World Champion of Public Speaking & 469-366-4395

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