Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"I'm Hired" !! ...as a Tour Guide in Boston!

SUPER TROLLEY TOURS welcomes you to Boston, one of the most exciting cities in the United States, SUPER TROLLEY TOURS is a convenient, exciting, and one of the most versatile ways to experience our city, its history, traditions, and charms. http://www.bostonsupertrolleytours.com/

My friend Ellen knew I was looking for a job so she sent me the link to Craig's List http://boston.craigslist.org/ where you can find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!. I looked under the "GIGs catergory" - of course and I answered an add that read:

Actors, Voice Over Artists, Newscasters, Models, and others Boston’s Newest Trolley Tour Company Tell the tales of one of the most interesting cities in the world History, Culture, Folklore and more… Excite! Educate! Entertain! This is where America Began - Commercial Driver’s License a Plus.

I got a call from George who invited me to come into Charlestown for an "audition" - he said "I will give you a paper with some informantion on it and I want you to Tell Me A Story". Perfect - this is where my Toastmaster "Speaking Off the Cuff" skills came in handy! And after mentioning that I was a Toastmaster - George shared he was a Toastmasters for three years too - another plus!

OK - now I will get trained for the next six weeks - learning all about the rich history of Boston and visiting the historic sites and museums, start studing for a commercial driver's license and mastering how to navagate a trolley bus .... ALL ABOARD!! ....


more as it unfolds...


Tour Guide/Social Director:


Tour Guide: A person who is charged with taking a group of people through a museum or area and keeping them on track.

Social Director: A social director is a person who is responsible for the social interraction of the participants of the program for which the Director works. Social Directors are found on Cruise ships, retirement homes and even in some corporate environments.


Sara Marks, DTM said...

That's pretty cool! I think something like this is a great application of your Toastmasters training- especially all the drama stuff you have been doing. I may have to come in and get on your bus in a few weeks.

Sherri Raftery, M. Ed. said...

Hi Sara!!

Thanks I hope to be ready to go by March'ish...

Yes - I am living Testament to how Toastmasters is enhancing my life!

How 'bout you - Any new job offers yet? Good Luck!

All the best - Sherri