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2009-2010 District 31 Governor - Nomination

As the district's cheif executive officer, the district governor directs the district in a way that fosters strong clubs...the Governor achieves the mission of the district in a manner that motivates volunteer leaders and promotes a standard of excellence

I met with the District 31 Toastmasters Nomination Committee on Tuesday March 31st at 6:00 PM in the Watertown Public Library. This is was my third meeting of its kind for a district leadership office. The first time I met with the 2007-2008 Committee for the office of Lt. Governor of Marketing and the second time I met with the 2008-2009 Committee of Lt. Governor of Education & Training.

I enjoyed meeting with the committee. I was excited, elated and I could hardly believe the Nomiation Meeting finally arrived and was over in about fifteen minutes! It was like being around very supportive friends - well because they all are. I brought excellent recommendations and presented my packets to the five member board. The Nomination Chair, Past District 31 Governor, Thomas Weber, DTM asked me if I had an opening statement. Yes I did...I delivered it with confidence. I answered all the questions from the committee and then gave a closing statement. I am as ready as I can be. The two offices of Lt. Governors have helped me prepare.

This photo of the District Governor Plaque is awarded to someone who serves a successful term as District Governor. Let;s hope it will be hanging on my wall with the rest of my plaques on July 1, 2010! But first I must (eagerly) await the Nomination Report and then of course the Executive Committee's vote at the District 31 Spring 2009 Conference - Business Meeting around 1:00 PM on Saturday May 9, 2009.

To register for the District 31 Conference at the Best Western in Marlborough, MASS

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Moving forward I believe I have members support. Here are a few (well more than a few!) testimonials from Toastmasters in District 31 and beyond !!

"I bet you were fantabulous! You are the clear choice." Area B Governor, Susan Burns Van Abs

"Hi Sherri, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday at the TMI event in Milford. I enjoyed every time you spoke and look forward to seeing you again at future events". Regards, Chuck Maurice.

"Hi Sherri, Thank you for being instrumental in making our Back Talk/Leading Speakers dinner/ meeting a successful, fun-filled evening. I especially enjoyed your kind words about Charlie and Victor. You are an excellent representative of Toastmasters and I look forward to when I can call you Madame District Governor". David Cohen, DTM President Leading Speakers

"You did a great job with the conference. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the Spring Conference. Take care and have a nice week, Sherri"! Y S Kim, Area E Governor

"Sherri, You were superb! I kept my eye on the way the conference ran and who spoke and how. Everybody did a fine job and you did a particularly excellent one. On stage, you were so professional, to the point, upbeat, confident,and well-dressed. That was grand to watch! And I caught you during the breaks and other times busy, engaged,working with people, making them feel good, you were toppen! I gotta study how you delegate sowell. And it was a blast!I had so much fun! Yow!!!!! D31 LGM, Bil Lewis, DTM

"And you rock Sherri! How great to see you again. Thanks you so much for gracing us with your presence. All the best with the next step, next year. I'm rooting for you". Jerry Aiyathurai, D53

"Sherri Raftery has achieved the "Excellence in Marketing" award from Toastmasters International at the recent 2008 International Convention. This award is given to Senior Administrators of Toastmasters Districts worldwide who have demonstrated leadership and excellence in marketing Toastmasters clubs and who have assisted their districts in maintaining and sustaining membership throughout the clubs in their District. This award is a coveted award given only to those who have displayed leadership in these areas and who are role models to their Districts." IPID, Val Albert, DTM

"Dear Sherri, Thanks for a great presentation at MIT on Wed. evening. You were full of enthusiasm and positive energy, thank you"! Sincerely, Anne Carignan, President MITRE

"Sherri,thanks for your leadership, enthusiasm and helping to make this another great year for D31". Dick Karon, DTM - Rhode Island

"I could not have been more impressed by Sherri's professionalism and attention to detail. She was extremely patient and answered all questions thoroughly,displaying an enormous and genuine interest in Toastmasters, and particularly for District 31 success". Tom Kirschner

"As always, you are on top of things"! Ann Nahabedian

"I like your friendly style. You have the ability to put everyone at ease. Most of all, I admire your motivation and constant action". Mary Cheyne, President, The Last Word

"You are a success driven person who finds ways to accomplish what you setout to do". "You belong at the top" Tom Kirschner, D31

"Thanks, Sherri, for sharing to inspire the rest of us" Doug Sheadel, Division B Governor

"You are a powerful, strong, talented woman" Tammy Landau, Speaker, Business Coach

"You obviously put a HUGE effort into what you do, and THAT, my Dear, IS WHY YOU SUCCEED! I humbly bow in your presence"! Sandi Cloutier, Area Governor

"Thanks for all your efforts and'll be one heck of a District Governor, BECAUSE you will have lots of support BECAUSE you helped so many people"! George 'Mr. Nice Guy" Toastmasters Division F Governor, Ocean Bay

"You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work". Sheila Sullivan, D31 PRO

ALSO coming soon ! Sharing my Toastmasters Story Part V



What are the roles and responsibilities for District Governor?

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