Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adam Lambert IS an American Adol

I missed last nights performances of American Idol because I was at the Toastmasters District 31 Division A & B Speech Contest - but thanks to google searches and the internet I was able to find BORN TO BE WILD - By Adam Lambert on UTUBE! I knew he ROCKED it because my eleven-year-old, daughter Sabrina reported to me that he "did well Mom".

So this morning I went looking for last nite's SHOW TUNE by Adam and I found it with a BUNCH of other gems that he has performed. I added the links for your review (I am STILL not sure how to upload videos to Blogger - any pointers would be great - even though I follow the directions - I think I am still missing a step). And to add an little off the track tidbit - my maternal grandmothers maiden name was Lamberti

I believe that Adam Lambert IS the favorite to win American Idol and he will win this season - but seriously even if he DOESN'T win Idol - it is evident that he will have an incredible singing and performing career - well - like he already has! And being on Broadyway in Wicked is just ONE of the many to add to his aresnol.

I am thrilled to see a young performer get out their and PERFORM!
The judges and audience get it right with the Standing OVATIONS!!

What your YOU DOING to FIND YOUR PLATFORM and express yourself through the arts?

Adam Lambert & Noa Dori singing 'The Prayer'-David Foster

Is Anybody Listening - The Ten Commandments Musical

American Idol 2009 - Adam Lambert Demo Reel

Adam Lambert and Stevie Wright Interview –
Was in Musical Wicked – under study Fiyero

Introducing Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert - The Circle

American Idol - Adam Lambert - Hollywood Week 3 Audition Season 8 (HQ Audio Only)

Adam Lambert Idol Audtion new Video HQ Bohemian Rapsody

Adam Lambert at Upright Cabaret: I Can't Make You Love Me

American Idol

American Idol is an annual American televised singing competition, which began its first season on June 11, 2002. Part of the Idol franchise, it originated from the British reality program Pop Idol.The program seeks to discover the best young singer in the country, through a series of nationwide auditions. The outcomes of the latter stages of this competition are determined by public voting by phone. The format features three judges who critique the contestants' performances in order to facilitate the voting: record producer and bass player Randy Jackson; former pop star Paula Abdul; and music executive Simon Cowell.
The show is hosted by former children's game show emcee and television personality Ryan Seacrest; comedian Brian Dunkleman cohosted with Seacrest in season one. See more at
American Idol (American Idol: The Search for a Superstar in season 1) is an American singing competition airing on FOX and was created by Simon Fuller. It debuted on June 11, 2002, and has since become one of the most popular shows on American television. Part of the Idol franchise, it is a spinoff from the reality program Pop Idol, which was created by British entertainment executive Simon Fuller and first aired in 2001 in the United Kingdom.
The program seeks to discover the best singer in the country through a series of nationwide auditions. The American public decides the outcomes of the later stages through phone voting. The judges give c

ritiques of the contestants' performances: Grammy award -winning record producer and music manager Randy Jackson; Grammy award-winning pop singer and Emmy award-winning choreographer Paula Abdul; award-winning music executive and music manager Simon Cowell; and Grammy award-nominated singer-songwriter and record producer Kara DioGuardi. The format originally featured three judges with DioGuardi added in the eighth season.

The show is hosted by television personality Ryan Seacrest. Comedian Brian Dunkleman co-hosted with Seacrest during the first season. The American Idol band is led by Rickey Minor.

The show usually airs on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the United States and Canada, Wednesday and

Thursday nights in Australia and Asia, Thursday and Friday nights on digital television in the United Kingdom and Friday and Saturday nights in Israel.

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