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2009 Toastmasters International Convention!!!

The 2009 International Convention August 12-15, 2009

"Find Fun by the Bucket…in Mashantucket"!

Curious for Convention news? You’ve come to the right spot.
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“For me, it took getting into a formal organization – such as Toastmasters – to understand what total communication is all about.” - Peter Coors, Coors Brewing Co.

With Convention time quickly approaching, the TI Web site is your one-stop source for information. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the 2009 event, which takes place August 12-15 in beautiful Mashantucket, Connecticut. The 78th Annual International Convention will be held at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods, a hotel that boasts a dizzying array of entertainment options. Here you’ll get to hear a variety of great speakers, attend educational sessions and enjoy the much-anticipated World Championship of Public Speaking.

2009 Schedule of Events

Everyone is Talking About the International Convention!

Come to Mashantucket, Connecticut, August 12-15, 2009, and discover why Toastmasters’ 78th Annual International Convention is the ultimate Toastmasters event!

Tuesday, August 11
Interdistrict Speech Contests – 7 p.m.
Watch speakers from districts outside North America compete for a final spot in Saturday’s 2009 World Championship of Public Speaking. There are two concurrent contests, so be sure to mark your registration form or online registration form to reflect which one you wish to attend.

Wednesday, August 12
If you’re pre-registered, you may pick up your ticket packet beginning at 10 a.m. World Headquarters will automatically pre-select your seats for the Golden Gavel Luncheon, the World Championship of Public Speaking and the President’s Dinner Dance. Any remaining event tickets are subject to availability. So pre-register and buy your tickets early!

After you register, be sure to visit the District 53 Information Desk. Its hosts will introduce you to popular attractions in the area. The Candidate’s Corner and Credentials Desk open Wednesday afternoon.

TI Bookstore – 9 a.m.
As always, the store is packed with souvenirs and helpful resources to bring back to your club. Give us your thoughts on what you would like to see in the bookstore!

Board of Directors Briefing – 1 p.m.
TI’s Board of Directors meets twice a year. Here they’ll update you on recent actions and decisions, and share the organization’s strategic plan and vision for the future.

First-Timers Orientation – 4 p.m.
International President Jana Barnhill, DTM, AS, welcomes you to your first International Convention. Meet other first-timers, make new friends and learn about exciting events taking place throughout the convention.

Opening Ceremonies – 7 p.m.
Featuring Sam Silverstein,CSP
The Convention opens with the traditional Parade of Flags, followed by a “State of the Organization” report by International President Jana Barnhill. Then the President of the National Speakers Association, Sam Silverstein, will inspire and entertain you with his keynote message, “No More Excuses!”

Candidates’ Reception
Meet this year’s international officer and director candidates at an informal reception immediately following the opening ceremonies.

Thursday, August 13
Education in the Morning – 8:30 a.m.
Begin your day with a lineup of outstanding speakers. Choose from three tracks: Member Success (MS), Club Success (CS) and District Success (DS). Or mix and match from all three tracks!

“Making a Connection – Keys to Engaging Your Audiences” (MS)
Michelle Devlin, DTM
This veteran Toastmaster and professional speaker will focus this session on concepts and techniques presenters can use to engage and connect with their audiences. You’ll learn how to:

Be authentic – show emotion.
Build interaction – get people involved in your presentation.
Get “physical” and interact with the audience.
Use effective body language and props.

“Set Your Sails for Club Success” (CS)
Gary Mull, DTM
Get your club in “Ship-shape” and bring out the best in your crew, using practical and proven strategies from a veteran Toastmaster and leader. This fun and interactive session will draw from the presenter’s 30 years of sailing experience to teach key elements of leadership success.

You’ll learn:
How to create a compelling vision that others can see clearly and want to achieve.
How to inspire and empower others to become effective leaders.
How to motivate your team.
Specific behaviors that lead to team success.
Critical elements of leadership.

“The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Visits” (DS)
Ted Corcoran, DTM
Half of all Toastmasters clubs are in corporations. Find out from this Past International President how to organize corporate visits to maximize the chances of a successful outcome.

You’ll learn:
How corporate visits can help your district and Toastmasters International.
How to lay the groundwork and prepare for each visit.
Who to contact and how.
The most essential thing to do before the visit ends.
What to do after the visit.

Education continues in the morning – 10 a.m.

“Using Humor Appropriately” (MS)
Frank King and Jan McInnes
This entertaining, interactive and fun-filled presentation will teach you the “Humor-cratic Oath: First and Foremost, Do No Harm.” You’ll learn the who, when, what and why of humor, so the humor hits, but doesn’t hurt, and you stay out of trouble.

You’ll learn:
What is, and isn’t, appropriate humor.
Four reasons humor doesn’t work and what to do when your humor fails.
Five rules for using humorous material.
Six questions to ask your audience to be sure your material hits the mark.
Topics to avoid.

“From Good to Great – Optimizing the Moments of Truth” (CS)
Michelle Alba Lim, ACS
Discover ways to incorporate the most powerful tool for building and sustaining successful clubs, The Moments of Truth (MOT) module, into your club’s educational program. You’ll learn to:

Facilitate the MOT program in 45 minutes or less.
Use a team-building approach to make MOT engaging and entertaining.
Incorporate MOT action steps into club programming.
Bring out the best in your club.

Golden Gavel Luncheon – Noon
“It’s OK to be the Boss”
Honoring leadership expert Bruce Tulgan as Toastmasters’ 2009 Golden Gavel recipient.
A leading expert on young people in the workplace, Bruce Tulgan is an American best-selling author, management trainer and advisor to business leaders. Since 1993, Tulgan’s company, Rainmaker Thinking, has worked with thousands of leaders and managers to better manage their workplace teams. His six books have been published around the world in many languages. His newest book, Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage Generation Y, was recently released. He also wrote five other books, It’s Okay to be the Boss; Managing Generation X; Winning the Talent Wars; Fast Feedback and Managing the Generation Mix.

Tulgan has a law degree from the New York University School of Law, holds a fourth-degree black belt in karate and lives in New Haven, Connecticut, with his wife, Debby Applegate.

Spouse/Guest Tour Package – Day #1 Tour of Mystic Seaport and Olde Mistick Village – 2:15 p.m.-6:15 p.m.

Experience early-American charm and beauty in Olde Mistick Village, Connecticut, and shop for unique souvenirs in more than 40 quaint shops. The tour continues to a private, guided tour of Mystic Seaport where you’ll tour a historic tall ship and observe a working shipyard in action. This tour is limited to the first 50 registrants! Food and beverage are not included.

Afternoon Sessions – 2:45 p.m.

“Overcoming Adversity” (MS)
Darcy Keith
In times of uncertainty and change, it is easy to become afraid of the unknown. Don’t become complacent; learn to embrace change and thrive through it. This presenter shares from personal experience in a fast-paced, interactive session that will inspire and motivate you.

You’ll learn:
The formula for surviving and thriving through change.
How to offer opportunities for success and happiness to others.
To develop an attitude of gratitude.
The secret to embracing change.
How to deal with change in a positive attitude.

“Mastering the Marketing Tool of Public Relations” (CS)
Tammy Miller, DTM
This workshop focuses on the basics of keeping your club fresh, including how to recruit and treat guests, and how to use public relations techniques to promote your club.

You’ll learn how to:
Understand marketing and public relations and how they differ.
Better understand “the Toastmasters Brand” and why and how to protect it.
Take advantage of club tools already in place.
Integrate low-cost public relations strategies.
Network with others regarding “best practices.”

Accredited Speaker Program – 2:45 p.m.
Watch Toastmasters give their second-level presentations for the 2009 Accredited Speaker Program. Learn by watching these talented Toastmasters talk!

Candidate Showcases – 5 p.m.
Meet officer and director candidates.

Open Evening
Stop by the host district information desk for some great dining and entertainment ideas. Refer to page 31 for more details about the many entertainment options available at the hotel.

Friday, August 14
Annual Business Meeting – 8 a.m.
Jana Barnhill, DTM, AS, Chairman
Herb Nowlin, DTM, Parliamentarian
Your vote counts! Elect international officers and directors and vote for important proposals.

Spouse/Guest Tour Package – Day #2 Scenic Narrated Tour of Newport – Tour of The Breakers Mansion – 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Enjoy an audio guided tour of the famous Breakers Mansion, a 70-room summer residence built for Cornelius Vanderbilt. The audio tour details the history of this famous home, its residents and the architect, Richard Morris Hunt. Guests are also free to walk the beautiful gardens featured on the estate. Following the tour, lunch is provided at Brenton Point Park. The visit ends with a narrated bus tour of the area and includes 150 points of interest – among them, the colonial sections, the world-famous Ten Mile Ocean Drive, and Bellevue Avenue, where millionaires built their fabulous “summer cottages.” This tour is limited to the first 50 registrants! This tour includes a boxed lunch.

Leadership Luncheon – 11:30 a.m.
“The 21st Century Leader”
Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS
Don’t miss this presentation by Accredited Speaker Johnny Campbell, also known as “the Transition Man,” at this special luncheon in celebration of Toastmasters International’s 2008-2009 Distinguished Clubs. Today’s companies and associations rely on a diverse workforce, including traditionalists, baby boomers, generations X and Y – each with a unique set of values, expectations and behaviors.

You’ll learn:
How to motivate, manage and retain this diverse group of people.
Strategies and techniques for managing generational differences.
How to resolve conflicts with different generations.
How to empower diverse generations.

Discovery Luncheon – 11:30 a.m.
“Mining for Gold in Everyday Moments”
Morgan McArthur
Let Morgan McArthur, who is Toastmasters’ 1994 World Champion of Public Speaking, help you discover the delights in the details of life. Morgan will teach you how to find your speeches – and yourself – in experiences, interactions and observations.

Specifically, you’ll learn:
To mine your life experiences for speech material.
That our life path is unique but your challenges and struggles are not.
That you are better than you think you are.
How best to share your stories.

Hall of Fame – 1:30 p.m.
Come celebrate Toastmasters International’s top performers as they are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in 2008-2009.

Open Evening

Saturday, August 15
International Speech Contest – 9 a.m.
This is the highlight of the Convention and a “don’t miss” event! Watch the best in public speaking as 10 finalists compete for the World Champion of Public Speaking title. This is a popular event, so order tickets now!

Members interested in attending only the International Speech Contest may purchase an individual ticket for that event in Section 4 of the Registration Form or select the Saturday Package- One Day Only on the On-line Registration Form.

General Education Session – 1:30 p.m.
“Dare to Do It – Accomplish Your Dreams with Humor, Creativity and Passion”
Fran Capo

Using humor, inspirational anecdotes and demonstrations, comedienne and adventurer Fran Capo will reveal her secrets to overcoming self-imposed limitations. You’ll leave feeling empowered to overcome any obstacle! Fran Capo holds the Guinness Book of World Records title as the World’s Fastest-Talking Female at 603.32 words per minute – so get ready for a fun and fast-paced session!

You’ll learn how to:
Think like a world-record holder.
Build confidence in yourself and others.
Use humor to connect to people and get your message out.
Enhance creativity.
Be D.R.I.V.E.N.

Education continues in the afternoon – 3 p.m.

“Taking Care of Your Favorite Speaker: You!” (MS)
Carol Dean Schreiner, DTM
Speaking can be exhausting – and if you are not energetic, you won’t wow the audience. Professional speaker and trainer Carol Dean Schreiner offers a positive and fun approach to keeping energy up and stress down.

You will learn to:
Set and achieve personal and professional goals.
Recognize your strong points and turn weaknesses into strengths.
Do exercises that strengthen your voice.
Manage time and stress and keep a positive attitude.
Realize that to help others, you first have to help yourself.

“FreeToastHost Tips and Tricks” (CS)
Bo Bennett
Join the creator of Toastmasters’ Web-hosting service in an entertaining and informative session exploring the many benefits of FreeToastHost (FTH). More than 60 percent of all Toastmasters clubs currently use FTH software to create a professional-looking Web site. In this session, Bo will tell you how to optimize the use of FTH and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll learn to:
Feel comfortable being the Webmaster for your club.
Increase the timeliness of member payments by using the invoice feature.
Be more efficient with meeting agendas.
Create a better sense of community within your club.
Convert more guests to members.

“Panel Discussion: Achieving Success in the Distinguished District Program” (DS)
Johnny Uy, DTM – Moderator
Anthony C. Castillo Moreno, ACS
Marlene Hall, ACB
Radhi Spear, DTM
Karen L. Holland, DTM
Tap into the combined leadership expertise of a panel with distinguished experts who have served as governors of President’s, Select and Distinguished Districts. Learn from these Toastmasters as they share their experiences as leaders and what it takes to achieve area, division and district success.

President’s Dinner Dance – 7:30 p.m.
Dine and dance in elegance at this extravagant closing event. Past International President Chris Ford presides over the installation of newly elected officers and directors.

Register Now! - 78th Annual International Convention
Filling out the Forms is a Snap!

You’ve read all about the 2009 International Convention. And you’ve learned just how much it has to offer. S o now there’s only thing left to do – sign up to attend!

The registration process is easy, safe and quick. Click below to start your online registration or send the Printable Convention Registration forms to

World Headquarters at: P.O. Box 9052, Mission Viejo, CA 92690. Fax: (949) 858-1207.

After July 20, the fees will increase – so register as quickly as possible in order to save money!

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