Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LaShunda Rundles is GOING HOME!!

TWO LADY CHAMPS who show us they EACH have the COURAGE TO CONQUER!!

Photo Lt-Rt
2008-2009 Toastmasters International President, Jana Barnhill and the 2008 World Champion of Public Speaking, LaShunda Rundles

"COURAGE TO CONQUER", is the 2008-2009 International President, Jana Barnhill's theme this year.

I recieved an email via Facebook from the 2008 WCPS, LaShunda Rundles this morning! I am happy to report that LaShunda is GOING HOME! Here is the message from my friend who is still recovering but has the COURAGE TO CONQUER and show the world that she is a CHAMPION!!


Hello there Princess! Sorry for the slow response but hopefully you can understand. I may be going home in the next couple of weeks so keep me in your prayers. I still will need some home health and rehab for a while but home is home. I only weigh about 95 pounds so I am learning how to eat and retrain my gut to accept it. I have a feeding tube and I will have to supplement for a while, but me still being here is literally a miracle. Thank you for your blog updates and for being such a powerhouse of a woman. God bless you and I hope to keep giving you positive progress.

All my heart,


Welcome Home Sist'ha!

Friends - Please continue to keep LaShunda in your healing prayers!

I hope I do not sound too selffish but I really am hoping LaShunda is well enough to attend the 2009 Toastmasters International Convention at Foxwoods in Connecticut this August because I would really love to give her a hug again!! And her sister Sonya TOO!!

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Stevie King said...

Thanks so much for sharing this information. I actually googled her this week trying to find out her condition!