Monday, June 29, 2009

In Memory of Michael Jackson

The Jackson Five - 1966

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 1982

Michael Jackson 1991

Michael Jackson 1988

Michael Jackson May 2000

Michael Jackson 1997

The Jackson Five 1978

The Jackson Five - 1960's

Michael Jackson 2000

In memory of Michael
Like Generation X'ers I grew up with Michael Jackson's music. It is very sad to note that Michael has passed on - He was amazingly gifted as a musical writer, singer, performer, dancer, creator.

Definitions of michael jackson on the Web:

Jackson: United States singer who began singing with his four brothers and later became a highly successful star during the 1980s (born in 1958)
Michael Jackson or Mike Jackson or Mick Jackson may refer to: * Michael Jackson (born 1958), American pop musician, songwriter, dancer and entertainer * Mike and Michelle Jackson (born 1946), Australian children's singer, songwriter, musician, radio show host * Mick Jackson (singer) (born 1947

Michael Joseph Jackson (born August 29, 1958) is an American recording artist, entertainer, and businessman.

The Jackson 5 (also spelled The Jackson Five or The Jackson 5ive, and later known as The Jacksons) were an American popular music family group

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Bing said...

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