Tuesday, July 21, 2009

District 31 Distinguished SIX YEARS in a ROW!

MGM Grand - Foxwoods - hosting the 2009 Toamasters International Convention

Congratulations ... I can't begin to tell you how very proud of you I am. It is going to be a real treat for me to stand on the stage with you. .... Thank you both for pulling together and showing what can be done when you are focused on the right things!! WaHOO!! Jana Barnhill, Toastmasters International President

In October 2008 I attended my neighboring District 53 Conference that was blessed with also have a Presidential visit by the 2008-2009 Toastmasters International President, Jana Barhill , DTM and her husband Bob Barnhill, DTM who also served as a past International President.

At the end of the Conference I went over to say good by to Jana. She asked me "how things were going" in my District and then she said; "We have a Date of the Stage in August right"? And I looked at her and realized she was talking about a date on the stage at the Hall of Fame Ceremony when all the Districts that are distinguished or better Take Center Stage and get awards - I smiled at her and quickly answered YES WE DO!!

During the year when I would send a correspondance note to Jana - I would make sure to include - "We Have A Date on the Stage in August"! It was a thrill to send a recent email to Jana and enthusiastically announce that District 31 kept it's promise - YES we have a date on the stage at the August 2009 Toastmasters International Convention during the Hall of Fame Ceremony at the luxurious MGM Grand Hotel in Foxwoods! As Jana would say; "WaHOO"!

Although technically it is the International President who calls the outgoing District Governor to announce that District 31 is Distinguished...we do eagerly await the call to hear it from Jana herself that "WE HAVE A DATE ON THE STAGE"!!

Take Center Stage!

See this link for Convention Events

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